Yomotsu Tokuno

South of the Tokuno moongate of Hamare-Jima, along the mountainside, lay the Yomatsu mines. Home to the population of Yomatsu warriors, mages and elders. They furiously spend their days commanding elemental minions to sift through hundreds of pounds of ore.


As such the Yomatsu have gained immense amounts of strength through their rigorous work schedule. A warrior should be very careful that he come prepared and well trained as the elders among the Yomatsu pay their minions handsomely, equipping them with the finest arms, and give them a generous allowance for when they are off work and free to do as they will.


It's once been known that the Spectral population sourced all of their magical ore from the Yomatsu themselves. Perhaps deep within the mines they're may still be remnants of the knights that guarded their precious ore.


There are also rumors of a forgotten pit entrance within the mines of the Yomatsu.

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