Wood Stats

Lumberjacking in Oblivion can be fun and exciting as 99% of the Races will tell you. However its is not exempt from dangers as the forest dwelling creatures usually take it rather badly that you destroy their homes. In some instances, lumberjacks claim to have been attacked by the trees themselves, which is obviously a children's story. Or is it?
The truth is that in some locations around the shard, the forest are guarded by the tree shepherds, the Treants, and they will not endure that anyone cuts down their beloved friends, and should you be very unlucky, you may run across Huorns.
The Huorns are trees whose spirit has turned evil and dark, either due to drow magic or because of the evil in the surrounding lands.

Note: 'Fail Rate Min' and 'Fail Rate Max' are used to calculate fail rate.
If your skill is equal or below Fail Rate Min you have 0% chance of harvesting that resource.
If your skill is equal or above Fail Rate Max you have 100% chance of harvesting that resource.

Wood type Minimum Skill Required Fail Rate Minimum Skill Fail Rate Maximum Skill


0.0 0.0 100.0


50.0 40.0 90.0


65.0 55.0 95.0


80.0 70.0 100.0


95.0 90.0 110.0
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