Wind Tram

Oblivion Warriors:

My name is Bo. Myself and about 8 others are all that is left of the Mages of Wind. Our beloved city was overtaken by a plague…a corruption unto which we have never seen the likes of. Almost our entire population has been wiped out. The monster responsible for this is named Venombark the Corrupter. He spared no one, not even our women and children. Our city lies in ruins and venomous vegetation has taken root along our walls and blood replaced our clean pools of water. Spy's have information that Venombark's original target was that of our Felucca Wind which we lost to the "death" many years ago…even Venombark's tainted magic had no hold on the evil that has overtaken those god-forsaken lands. His minions still lurk there, but death is imminent for them. He infiltrated our main city about a month ago. We fought with all we had but in the end the few left had to flee. Our only comfort in these dark times is from our ability to speak to the dead from beyond and we are pleased to know that Venombark was not able to steal their souls.

Venombark has called upon the Minotaurs and woodland creatures to aide him in overtaking our city. When they refused, he drained vials of his own blood and poisoned their drinking water. The creatures came to him willingly once the corruption was ingested. Venombark's magic is strong but limited…all of his minions must carry vials of his blood and drink from it every few hours. They believe, under his spell, that this blood keeps them alive…so they will guard it with devout ferocity. Slay them and take the blood. This is the first step in reclaiming our city.

You must help us…we can no longer fight. Our blood is becoming dirty and our magic is beginning to weaken. Myself and Natalie are the only two left within the walls of Wind. We have been able to conceal ourselves and pass information to the outside world regarding Venombark's progress. Trammel is his target now. He has realized that he needs life and nature to spread his plague upon the lands; a secret we hoped he would not realize. We have already started to see changes in the land outside of wind, but we believe that if Venombark can be stopped now, we still have a chance.

Natalie hides within the buildings in Wind. She is a powerful alchemist who has been working non-stop to find a cure for this corruption. She believes she has found an elixir but tells me that its power weakens quickly once created. Find her…she holds the answers you will need.

I trust that I will see you soon enough. If not in life, then surely in death…

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