Why Join

Oblivion has been around for over a decade! That's a long time and that says a lot… a lot of the players here have clocked years of play time for many reasons! Here are some reasons why you should take the plunge and try Oblivion on for size:

- A well balanced shard PvP and PvM are fun; not too easy things don't come to you easily but there is a good balance of risk/reward

- Custom dungeons with bosses and storylines! If you explore here beyond the regular spots you'll be amazed at the adventure's you'll have.

- Daily events- Oblivion has a strong history of custom events I encourage you to look at the forums to see them all! Over the years there have been dozens of different events! New ones are introduced all the time thanks to a dedicated staff

- Quests galore! Static quests, Icon quests, talisman quests, dynamic quests… the quests tab in the Wiki gives you an idea of what is out there but there are more quests than you can imagine!

- Great vet reward system, trashite reward system (for turning in trash), and a virtue stone reward system all give you something else to strive for or collect in your journey here!

- Custom resources and craftables! with more being added all the time! Again nothing is too overpowered and Oblivion will always keep you adjusting your strategy as you take on new monsters and discover new items! Check out the resource tab on the side to get an idea!

- Major artifacts, minor artifacts, Oblivion Artifacts, Moonlight Artifacts, Champion artifacts, and much much more… for those who put the time in exploring and hunting you won't run out of things to collect/find: the website lists some of them but there are much more! And now with Tokuno Treasures!

- Great community; players are friendly and supportive (as long as you don't go to Felucca which is full PvP, looting, stealing, and what have you!

- Felucca, Trammel, Tokuno, Ilsh all fully spawned!

- Vendor towns; 2 houses per account

- Travel hub to get most places! Located in Vesper near the bank!

- Casino, custom deco, yards allowed! Grow plants, dye furniture, find deco as loot, buy neat items of GM's!

- NO skill limit, 320 stat cap so you have more flexibility on your characters than normal!

- Very stable world with very quick world saves!

- Hunting is fun! Loot is higher than normal so you will enjoy the grind of going out there to hunt knowing that each tough kill has a better chance of a great item or a little more gold to get you started faster!

- Champion spawns active on Ilshenar, Malas, Felucca, and Trammel.

- Doom gauntlet is always running.

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