Vstone Purchasables

To purchase an item, simply make sure you have Virtue Stones in your backpack and click on the Crystal of Virtues, located in the Travel Hub.

Item Virtue Stone Cost
Clothes or Armour Colouring Deed (x2) 1
Weapon Colouring Deed (Single use) 1
Title Change Deed (Single use) 1
Granite Storage Box 1
Item Virtue Stone Cost
Skin Dye (Single use) 2
Name Change Deed (Single use) 2
House Linking Telepad (x1) 2
500 of each Mage Reagent 2
500 of each Necromancy Reagent 2
Editable Sign 2
Item Virtue Stone Cost
Pet Colouring Deed (Single use. Cannot be used with monthly hues) 3
Backpack Dying Bottle (Unlimited uses) 3
Virtue Stone Storage Book 3
Book Colouring Deed (Single use) 3
Item Virtue Stone Cost
Pure Black Dye Tub (Unlimited uses) 4
Snow Dye Tub (Unlimited uses) 4
Silver Dye Tub (Unlimited uses) 4
Weapon Repair Deed (Single use) 4
Vstone Colour Hair Dye (Single use) 4
Vstone Colour Beard Dye (Single use) 4
Soulshard (Single use) 4
Item Virtue Stone Cost
Vstone Colour Hair & Beard Dye (Single use) 6
Item Virtue Stone Cost
Ethereal Statuette Dye (Single use. Normal dye tub colours only) 20
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