Veteran Items

Oblivion has it's own set of custom Veteran Items which works in a similar way to OSI Veteran Rewards.

Rewards start at 6 months.
You get 2 points at 180 days. Every 180 days after the initial reward you get 2 more points.
New reward levels unlock every year.

Unlike OSI, there is no increase in cap for veterans.

Actual item list is as follows:

6 Month Rewards:
House Banking Sign
Oblivion Veteran Deco Shield
Leather Dye Tub
Furniture Dye Tub
Runebook Dye Tub
Oblivion 6 Month Vet Shield

12 Month Rewards
Special Dye Tub
Red Oblivion Veteran Clothes
Blue Oblivion Veteran Clothes
Oblivion 12 Month Vet Shield
Oblivion 1st Year Banner - Blue
Oblivion 1st Year Banner - Red

24 Month Rewards
Ethereal Horse Statuette
Ethereal Ostard Statuette
Ethereal Llama Statuette
Ethereal Ki-Rin Statuette
Ethereal Unicorn Statuette
Ethereal Ridgeback Statuette
Ethereal Swamp Dragon Statuette
Ethereal Beetle Statuette
Oblivion 24 Month Vet Shield
Oblivion 2nd Year Banner - Blue
Oblivion 2nd Year Banner - Red

36 Month Rewards
Soul Stone
Oblivion 3rd Year Banner - Blue
Oblivion 3rd Year Banner - Red

48 Month Rewards
Ethereal Hiryu
Red 4 Years Veteran Statue
Blue 4 Years Veteran Statue

60 Month Rewards
Old School Fire Ethy Steed
Old School Fire Ethy Ostard
Oblivion 5th Year Banner - Blue
Oblivion 5th Year Banner - Red

72 Month Rewards
Old School Ice Ethy Steed
Old School Ice Ethy Llama
Oblivion 6th Year Banner - Blue
Oblivion 6th Year Banner - Red

84 Month Rewards
Third House Slot Scroll
Oblivion 7th Year Banner - Blue
Oblivion 7th Year Banner - Red

96 Month Rewards
Ethereal Ridable Polar Bear
Oblivion 8th Year Statue - Blue
Oblivion 8th Year Statue - Red

108 Month Rewards
Limited Use (5 uses) Fire Tub
Limited Use (5 Uses) Ice Tub
*Items dyed with this tub are for the player who owns the tub. They are not allowed to be sold, traded, or given away.

120 Month Reward

A scroll for a Player dedicated shrine.
This entitles the veteran to get a shrine dedicated to them and decorated in their liking (within reason) any where in the world that they want (again within reason). 3x3 tile area. Limit 16~ items per shrine. 1 Non Vendor NPC per shrine.
Staff may provide any normal deco that is currently available to players, including GM store items. The player may, if they so choose, provide special items for deco. (GM Rares, majors, minors, etc.) Staff is also permitted to dress the NPC in any available items.

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