Vampiric Crafting Talisman
In order to be able to craft Vampiric items, you need to find the Vampire Tailor located at The Spinning Wheel, a tailor/ provisioner shop on a SW isle of Vesper. He will request a bag with 5 robes made out of that light-fury-green BoD reward cloth.

The cloth needed for the Vampiric Tailoring quest is bod reward cloth. It is the first cloth listed on the bod reward table in the Mid-level cloth(level 4) (*Hue is 1167). You just have to turn in enough bods for that reward and hope you get the right cloth out of the 4.


You have a 90% chance to get 1 (of the 4) level 4 cloth rewards by turning in:
a small normal horned leather 20 bod
a small normal barbed 10/15 bod
a small exceptional 20 cloth or leather bod
a small exceptional spined leather 10/15 bod.

The other 10% of the time you will get the bod cloth colored sandals.

They all have to be exceptional and, as soon as you get them done, place them in a bag and drag the bag onto the Vampire and he will give you the Talisman.

Be sure to buy some Vampiric Tailoring Kits, as they will let you know what you need to craft the various items.

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