Vampire Dungeon

The Vampire dungeon, also known as the Blood dungeon, is located in Spirituality, Ilshnear. Take the gate to spirituality and head North-east until you hit a group of undead creatures. Overcome them and start your adventure into the bloodthirsty Vampire dungeon.

This dungeon mainly consists of Vampires. They have vampiress, vampire knights, vampire mages and many more deadly creatures, that you will need to explore and find out for yourselves. The chances of a minor artifact drop is also pretty high considering the fact that there is a level 6 chest monster in this dungeon. This dungeon is filled with mysteries and secret levers to open doors in order to advance, so keep your eyes opened at all times.

The head of the dungeon is of course the Queen of the Damned, Akasha. It takes guts and skills to slay this vampire. First, you need to get to her, which is a very difficult task. She is well guarded by her followers, mainly the Ancient vampires. The queen guards the secret to summon a vile creature. Explore the dungeon thoroughly and you might just stumble upon this secret.

Good Luck! I hope you guys find your fortunes in here and meet your DEATH!

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