Travel Hub

Ok back to the travel hub!

Here is the entrance to it on the South Side of Vesper Bank

Moongates are teleporters to various areas (my wife says they look like colorful easter eggs big ones)… to the south of Vesper bank is a moongate to the hub; which'll take you to tons of useful places! If you left click on a moongate it'll tell you where that gate goes in the hub! Starting out the most useful gates are the one you just came in (Vesper Square), the Player Vendors (first gate to the right or north if you have ALT-R map open), and all the gates along the south wall! To the north across the bridge are gates to other player vendor areas that might be useful for you as well! Player vendors sell all sorts of things… Player made material is ALWAYS better than stuff you buy of NPC's in town (if you explore vesper you'll find a blacksmith to sell you armor/weapons to start out if you want though)… you should have some stuff on you in your new player pack though!

The gates along the south wall are all for new players… the first gate on south (furthest to the right or eastern most gate) is a gate to the training centre! Here you will find trainers that you can pay to train almost every skill up to 30ish (keep in mind you have 1000 limit overall!)… for them to train you it's 10 gold for every .1 skill point… so 30 skill points will cost you 300 gold!

The next gate is the new player dungeon! here you will find a bank, spinning wheel, loom, sheep… you can use the blessed dagger you got on the sheep then go back to the loom/spinning wheel to make bolts of cloth! then use your scissors in the race bag (that you put there because you are paying attention) You should be able to make bandaids like crazy here and with your new CTRL-H macro you can heal non stop as you hunt in the new player dungeon! Before you attack anything here make sure you dbl-click or drag armor onto your paperdoll Alt-P to equip them… if you have clothing on you can drag it off the same way as you put it on… click and drag it! I should note that you have a pair of blessed nightsight earrings in your racebag starting out… put them on and things'll be much brighter! remember blessed stuff stays on you even if you die! Spellbooks/runebooks and racebags are all blessed by default…

In the new player dungeon you should be able to attack things and get up your battle skills (or use magery and get up your magery skills)… this ends the Welcome to OB section! This'll get you started! Read on other sections for other tips/tricks about how to strive on Oblivion!

This is the travel hub! The gate directly east of me (it's red in this pic is Vesper; the orange one is the player vendors, white is Haven; the gates behind the pinkish sign are the new player areas! Keep in mind colors of these gates may change! When in doubt left click on them to see where they go!

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