Trashites can be used to purchase useful rewards from a Trash Point Barrel. To create them you will need to recycle items. Doing so will help lower the item count for the shard.

To create them you will need a Trash Point Barrel, you may purchase this from any banker in any town.


To use the Trash Point Barrel:

  • You must lock the barrel down in your home.
  • Place items you wish to recycle inside the barrel
  • Stand next to the barrel and say the words "I wish to empty the trashcan"
  • Trashites will be placed in your backpack to the value of the items you have recycled.

Any items within containers will be recycled.
Please note that only certain items can be recycled. Containers will not be recycled.


A trashite bar

Trashite rewards can be found here

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