Third Party Programs

So you've made it this far that you're looking to move your game to the next step… well the next step is automation and supplementary programs… There are some people out there who hate these programs because they aren't "pure ultima online" and they give a competitive advantage… in any case they can take a mediocre player and turn them into a great player if used correctly…

I warn you in advance though you're on your own using these programs… Oblivion staff won't help you with these (though you might get some support in the forums if you post in the right section)

Razor - many people use this to log on to Oblivion and don't even know it's potential! Razor can be used to run your macros (I use the in game system but you can do it all from here as well!) Razor can also:
- count your reagents and show you in the top of the game menu
- auto dress/undress yourself (make custom outfits, dress quick after death! reequip that disarmed weapon)
- automatically open doors
- turn off some of those annoying animal noises
- it can make targeting easier!
- plus it can run simple macros!
- and lots more!

I recommend Tessa's Cove for a complete tutorial: - Razor is a very handy program no matter how much you use it! i.e. full integration of all macros or just for the counters and to open doors (which is basically what I use it for) it's nice to see your regs and to not have to open doors!


Razor also has a Positioning System (which is a step up from your Alt-R map!) but if you want another step up you should get

get Razor here []

UO Automap - this is a great map program for Ultima… if you have a hard time getting around; want to see what the whole world looks like; or if you want to be a world famous cartographer/treasure hunter then this is the program for you!

I don't use it… Alt-R is enough for my purposes and I use the Razor positioning system now and again (it's great for traveling because it shows you where your party mates are at!)

Get Auto map here []

And finally the time saver that is the most contested of third party programs!…

Easy UO! -get it here [] this program will automate the entire game for you if you want it to…. given the "grinding" nature of Ultima Online this program can be a great solution for those who aren't opposed to the idea of having a program "build" your character… for those of you who have never players the game there is some value in training a skill from the bottom up (i.e. without macro programs like Easy UO)… you might miss some steps along the way that will make you a better player!

That being said do you really want to be at the computer while you cast mana vampire 5000 times? or do you really want to spend 50 hours dbl clicking a pick axe on a random location in a mine? Some will argue that's what ultima is all about… and it's true… in any case I won't discuss whether it's "right" or "wrong" to use this program… that's up to you! It's legal here and if you use it you can let it run overnight to GM skills or acquire resources.. it'll give you a huge advantage if you use it… basically you can get the benefits of playing without actually playing so when you come back your skills are higher or you have more stuff…

In any case to use it you need to download it at the website above! Then you need to create or get scripts for it! For new users I recommend getting an account at Easy UO then looking through the approved scripts there! Be warned that scripts are programs… it is possible for someone to script a program that might not be good for your computers well being… so I'd stick to scripts from the Easy UO library! There is a forum section here for scripts too… think Balthazaar has long since left this shard but anything made by him works like a charm too!

For new players who are finding the grind too much; or for other players who just want to GM that skill but are sick of dbl clicking all over the screen this program is great!

To peak your interest here are some things you can do with easy uo:

- automatically heal yourself if hitpoints get to low; using any method you want! You can cure poison too!
- mine in several locations gathering ore then dropping it off at your house; then grabbing a new shovel and mining some more
- raise magery from 0 - 100 without being at the computer more than 5 minutes to set up (and make sure you have the right equipment i.e. 100% LRC)
- train pretty much any skill to GM (with various degree of set up required)
- automatically pick up gold, gems by pushing a button instead of trying to pick up that last diamond
- fill BOD's ( I just started using this and my wrist thanks me)
- and much much more

Easy UO; if you use it you aren't playing the game the way it was meant to be played! But if you don't use it; it'll take you A LOT longer to get the skills you need to start hunting/crafting/doing the best stuff in the game!

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