Talisman System Information

The new talisman system is a balanced attempt at adding new abilities, crafts and other things to the game in a limited manner.

I will explain the meaning of balanced and limited below:

Balanced: Players will be able to dynamically add, remove and switch talismans to suit their needs, play style, and changing world. For example if in the future a new ability is added that seems more useful or interesting than the current ones you have, you could simply remove a current ability and add the new one.

This also opens a new dimension for roleplaying, as most talismans are race-inspired. The player will be able to fully customize his character, mixing abilities, crafting skills, and other gameplay additions to fit the concept and role playing background of the ingame character.

Limited: Players will be allowed a certain limit of talismans at the same time, forcing them to carefully choose the skills and abilities that best fit their playing and role playing style.
Players will be allowed to remove talismans to make room for a new one. At the moment of writing this page the estimated allowed talisman count per character is three.

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