Talisman Forest Defenders

Well met friends, I am here to tell you about a deed well worth doing for friends of the Forest. It seems there is a mystical glowing dog that needs escorting from Britain to Trinsic Park, yet there is a shortage of hearty adventurers to help complete the task!! The rewards of aiding the Forest are a Talisman that allows you to summon Friends of the Forest to assist you in your times of need… a fitting repayment for your efforts in helping the Forest when it needed you!!

First thing you need to do is get to the Bridge leading west out of Britain. There you will find Fitzgerald who will give you the quest.

The dog may seem a little nervous, but its a tough world out there… so lets use this to your advantage and keep moving. The quest has to be done in under 30 minutes, which isn't that hard… if you stay focused and keep moving. Just follow the road south out of Britain, it leads straight through trouble to Trinsic. The dog will stick close to you, so don't worry about losing it. No commands are needed, it will follow you.

Be sure to stick close to the road, as there are some big nasties out in the woods to either side sometimes… but if you want to cut the curves out of the road, you should be fine. I would watch out for the outposts, as they are often lairs for bandits and Ogres. You might want to ease through the woods around them slowly, keeping your eye's peeled for trouble.

Arriving in Trinsic will happen soon enough for most stalwart adventurers, and upon entering town stay straight on main street and you will come to the park after the first bridge. Once the dog arrives in the center of the Park your Quest is complete and the Talisman will appear in your pack.
Next you want to double click the talisman to equip it, and you will receive a matched set of flutes. At the time of this writing all I can tell you is using one of the flutes summoned 2 Forest defenders (somewhat like boglings, but more sturdy), and they were commandable just as the pets of Sosaria are.

Ahh, coming back with a bit more informations, the plain Elven Flute summons a forest ostard for 2 hours.

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