Talisman Daemon Blade

I will share with you what I know about the Fabled Daemon Blade Talisman, but do not assume it to be everything.

In seeking the Ability to wield the Fabled Daemon Blade I spoke with a Clifford the Artificer (an Artifacts dealer) on the south-west most isle of Vesper .
He informed me of the Perfect Daemon Blade, but gave me no clues as to where it may be found. After interrogating several large Balron types (Lord of the Abyss and his kind) One was kind enough to provide me with his Sword which clearly stated it was Perfect, cursed… but perfect.
All that I had questioned prior to that had an inferior version that made for good trashite.

I dropped this Perfect Balron Sword upon the fellow I met at the weapons shop and he provided me with a bag containing A Daemon Blade Talisman, Daemon%20blade%20tali.JPG
and a Daemon Blade. According to the Esteemed Lord Lazarus, The extra fire damage is based upon your amount of tactics, anatomy, and swordsmanship skill combined, the maximum fire damage it can have is 96%.

In my experience with the weapon it deals a powerful Crushing Blow special attack that allows me to one hit kill Earth Ele's not quite being Gm in Swordsmanship yet. The weapon is slow, but powerful, not blessed, but indestructible.

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