Slayers and why you should use them!

So you've been hunting and you've realized that you just can't take down some of the harder monsters fast enough… you've read the previous tutorial on weapon selection yet you still don't have enough fire power. Well here is another important tip for fighting! Slayer weapons! (or books or instruments!)

You may have seen them drop and wondered what they did! So here is a quick slayer guide! There are two types of slayers ; Super Slayers (that work for a lot of similar monster types) or Single Slayers (that work for just a few monsters!)

Here is a quick breakdown of the super slayers! These babies will make you do double dmg if you have a slayer weapon/spellbook equipped and making your barding skills work 20% better! You can tell you are using the right slayer if a white flash appears on the thing you are attacking!

Repond - humanoid creatures; orcs, ogres, ettins etc…
Undead - if you need me to explain what undead is you've been living under a rock!
Elemental - all those elemental creatures out there (i.e. earth, water, agapite etc…)
Demon - Demons, Balrons, gargoyls, Succubus, and everything like them!
Reptile - for everything cold blooded and egg producing! i.e. dragons, lizardmen, snakes
Fey - for pixies and wisps (note this only drops here as a minor artifact! See Pixie Swatter!)
Arachnid - Arachnophobia ain't got nothing on this slayer group!

There are also the single slayers when you see them drop they should be pretty obvious what they are for! One of the best single slayers out there is Dragon! Plus who doesn't want to yield a Dragon Slayer?

Slayers are found on monsters (instruments & weapons)
Slayers are crafted by runics (weapons)
Slayers are made by inscription (spellbooks see inscription

Of course other attributes come into effect as well! For example 50 dmg increase with a super slayer like demon would be one of the better weapons in the game! Especially if it were on a fast weapon!

So slayers, get 'em, use 'em, and go slay something!

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