September 08 And Earlier Change Log



  • UFO version 2.0 (Kiros) & Wand Of UFO Blasting
  • FairWipe Command (S9)
  • Fishing game stuff added (S9)
  • All GMs are available as gummys from the pinata game. (S9)
  • Customizable vending machine and admission tickets scripted (S9)
  • SnowFight Robes and Pie Eating Robes (S9)
  • Throwing Spears Game Scripted (Vanguard)


  • PowerScroll cutting system. Sacrifice scrolls & trade materials for new powerscrolls.
  • Player Welcomer made more readable (S9)
  • Apple Bobbing game scripted (Tahu)
  • AFK Command improved (Vanguard)
  • Elven Flutes changed to whistles, they are not endless instruments anymore (Vanguard)

09/15 UPDATE

  • NEW Server Status page! (Vanguard)
  • NEW WorldSave Gump. (Vanguard)
  • TOOLCHEST scripted and soon available. (Tahu)
  • Pie Eating Robe (Event) (Tahu)
  • Special temporary skin dyes. (Tahu)
  • CombineReagents command. (Tahu)
  • Fixed typo on frost elf archer (was leaving hair in the internal map) (me)
  • Gilean's ToV Stuff Scripted (Vanguard)
  • Powerscroll trading prices adjusted (me)

Please thank vanguard and tahu for all the effort they are putting into scripts, the site and the wiki :)

08/30 UPDATE

  • Fixed a typo in the new elven shevarash power enhancement system.
  • Custom reward item and gate scripted and added (by vanguard).

08/28 UPDATE

  • Vanguard scripted for us a new way to enhance the pure elemental elven bows. It makes them very decent weapons now :).
  • Hes also scripted a pet restoration item to be used in pet fights.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

07/16 UPDATE

  • Pet storage gem bug fixed. Thanks kronos!
  • Event gates bug fixed. Thanks again kronos!
  • The Elven flutes from the forest defenders talisman are now blessed, and are infinite.
  • The daemon sword from the daemon sword talisman is not blessed.
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