Powerscroll Exchange

Don't know what to do with all your unused powerscrolls? Well, stop stacking them. But cut them instead!
Yes, use a scissors and cut your unwanted powerscrolls to get empowered parchment.

These parchment can be used to purchase RANDOM 110, 115 or 120 non-crafting powerscrolls at the Crystal of Virtues.

When you cut a powerscroll:
- 105 gives you 5 empowered parchment.
- 110 gives you 10 empowered parchment.
- 115 gives you 15 empowered parchment.
- 120 gives you 20 empowered parchment.

When you purchase:
- 40 empowered parchment for a RANDOM 110 powerscroll.
- 90 empowered parchment for a RANDOM 115 powerscroll.
- 200 empowered parchment for a RANDOM 120 powerscroll.

Thanks to the great staff of Oblivion for this wonderful idea.
Good Luck with your exchanges! :)

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