Poison Tokuno

The aptly named Poison dungeon is the creation of GM Strychnine. It is a difficult dungeon, filled with poisonous creatures of all sort. Attempting this dungeon by yourself is ill advised. This dungeon is not for the faint of heart!

The dungeon is divided into several levels. Each level becoming progressively more difficult, and the poison more lethal. Each increase in difficulty also gives you a better chance of recieving an encrusted fossil or poison shard. Before you can proceed to the next level you must pass by its guardian. No mere slaying will do, you must complete his quest to pass!

Should you survive all 5 levels of Poison you will have a chance to fight the poison lord. Defeat him and you may find some rather nice items. That is if you are lucky enough that he hasn't carried them away with his soul!

Dungeon levels

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