Player Status

Here is your status explained!
Little arrows on the left side can be up down or locked… this lets ultima know if you want to gain or lower stats or keep them the same…. the arm is strenght; the hands juggling (i think) are dexterity, and the brain is intelligence… the blood drop is your hit points (when this gets to 0 you die!)… the running guy is stamina… the ankh (blue cross thing) is your mana (used to cast spells)… the book is your stat limit (should read 320)… the clover is your luck (which can sometimes bump the amount of treasure/gold or loot as it's called on things you kill)… the weight (it's a weight look closely) is how much you can carry… i.e. 50/200 means you are carrying 50 stones out of a possible 200… it goes up with strength!

The sword gives a range of how much your base dmg is i.e. 1-6…. the gold stacks is how much gold you currently have on you (it doesnt count gold in your bank! to do that try saying bank balance at the bank!)… the horse shows how many pets you have 0/5… 5 is the max… meaning you can summon up to 5 things or have 5 pets at once (keep in mind some things take up more than 1 spot!)

The things on the far right are your resists… physical/fire/cold/poison and energy… this is your ability to reduce dmg from those types of dmg… the max is 70 in each… that's what you are striving for eventually if you want to have great armor! keep in mind anything about 50 is ok! 60 is great!… Magic resistance is a useful skill that will set a minimum value to each of them! at gm (grandmaster = gm or 100 in a skill) you will have 40 in each resists!

This is what your status looks like!

You can also quit the game from your paper doll (log out) and set skills up and down with arrows (in the skills button) you can click the peace button to go to war mode (or push tab it does the same thing!)… guild is for joining guilds later on in the game.. quests shows quests (pretty self explanatory there)… Options is full of goodies! you'll want to look there expecially for macros! More on macros in a minute!

SO again I reiterate scissors and a blessed dagger are great items to buy early and put in your race bage… pretty sure scissors cost 21 gold.. you can afford it… I also recommend buying a bolt of cloth and cutting it up into bandaids (with the scissors you cut it twice)… you can say [doaction bandageself to use the bandaids to try and heal yourself… healing using bandaids is a VERY useful way to heal on Oblivion almost every build ( a build is your total combination of skill points up to 1000)… healing is determined by 3 things your healing skill, your anatomy skill and your dexterity… (i know your dex is low but it'll get there!)…

You can also double click the bandaids then select yourself to heal yourself as an alternate to saying [doaction bandageself … but here's an even better option! MACROS!
You won't be a good ultima player until you use macros… Again you won't be a good ultima player unless you use macros… so let's create a macro!

Choose option on your paperdoll (alt-p if it's close)… the option menu has many tabs with little pictures… you can click them all to see what they do… here is a quick tip for new players! turn off pathfinding! it'll get you killed if you are starting out! to do this cluck the mouse and unclick the box that says "enable pathfinding"… I promise you it'll save you some headaches..

Another useful option to uncheck is under the circle with a triangle (or the Reputation System)… i always uncheck the "Query before performing crimial activities"… you don't need to do this one… but if you plan on participating in events or PvP (player versus player combat) you'll wanna uncheck this…


This shows the paperdoll (Alt-p) and the Map (alt-r) you can see all the options in the paperdoll! Play around with them here! See that little green bag in my backpack?! That's the race bag as a heads up! This is also EXACTLY where you start with a new character! That building right beside you is Vesper Bank! First chance you get you'll want to get a runebook (player vendors sell these usually!) and a rune to Vesper! (A rune is an item you buy off a mage and mark a location on so you can travel back to that location with magic!) For vesper there is a "Safe Recall Spot" item near the bank that'll sell you a rune to the bank for a few bucks! buy one!

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