Other Ways To Live

So I won't put much here as I don't ever really play with anything other than a warrior/mage or crafter!

BUT that being said… there are some people who do quite well as Bards, Tamers and Thieves! (not so much thieves here)

Barding skills i.e. provocation, musicianship, discordance, peacemaking can be quite useful… I never use them but I know that if you want to make a tamer/warrior/mage that these skills can be a nice compliment especially for hunting! You can turn monsters on each other, stop them from attacking you plus you get to play a Lute! I recommend UO Stratics for more info on theses skills!

Taming - animal taming, vet, animal lore are all skills that go into taming… with taming you can tame monsters/animals train them and have them do the fighting for you! Keep in mind that if you are a tamer you'll like want alchemy as you'll need special potions called "Shrinks" to shrink your animals and put them in your pack! See taming chart here for what it takes to tame; how many control slots it takes and starting stats for some of the best mounts

Thieves - stealing, snopping, stealth, hiding… you can do these things in the Felucca facet here! But that facet typically isn't busy enough to make this a worthwhile venture! Lockpicking is useful here though to open chests that can be found all over oblvbion

In summary! I don't use these skills! but I know that there is a good market for taming (for high end creatures) and that some of the best hunters out there will use barding/taming skills to help take down the toughest creatures! Just keep in mind you only have 1000 skill points total! So being a tamer/bard means dropping some other skills! (which isn't always a bad thing!)

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