New Player Guide

Having been inspired by Chessa I felt the need to create a mini (well it might turn out to not be so mini) guide for new players and their adventures at Oblivion. Ultima Online has a lot of variables and Oblivion has done a great job of taking that experience to the next level. That being said the base game is complicated enough UO Stratics is a great resource for the base game but players don't always go there and if they do it doesn't help them with the Oblivion tweaks!

So as an almost 8 year vet to this wonderful shard that is Oblivion who has recently made a comeback I'm hoping my previous knowledge; combined with what I've learned since I've been back and a desire to help new players can yield a useful guide for new players to turn to! I'm assuming that if you're reading this you've got the game installed and figured out how to log on! Otherwise check out the "Important Information" section of the forums! or click here!

Check the forums often as new information pops up there lots! Also make sure to read the rules

Here we go! I'll break it down into sections so players can read what they are interested in; it can also be read start to finish (keep in mind that there may be tips/tricks in each section that will help you with more than just that section!):

Character Creation - skills, stats

Player Status - vesper bank, map, paperdoll and a status explanation

Macros! - This is the most important section to bringing your UO playing experience up a notch!

Travel Hub - south of Vesper bank this room will kick start you in the right direction to becoming an Oblivion Vet!

Life of a Warrior - Intro to being a warrior - tips on skills/stats

Life of a Mage - intro to being a mage/necro- tips on skills/spells

Life of a Crafter - Intro to crafting

Other Ways to Live - warriors/mages/crafters are the main types of chars but there are more!

Getting Cool Stuff on Oblivion - little snippets of what you need to strive for if you want to look cool and have great equipment!

Slayers Great Hunters Use Them - If you fight monsters you'll want slayers

3rd Party Programs - Razor, Easy UO, Automap; they make life easier whether you're a purist or not there is no denying the power of these programs! Unfortunately players who don't use these programs may find themselves at a disadvantage!

Equipment Selection - more details on what all those properties are and how they can help you!

Hunting Guide - I get asked this question a lot, "Where do I hunt now?" Hopefully this primer gets you started on hunting and understanding what is required to hunt!

Bod Running - Information taken from Whiplash's forum post about how to increase your odds of getting a barbed runic sewing kit.


This is the log in screen! Note your version should be for Oblivion to work for more information on getting started click here!

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