Defiance Overview

The Defiance world is very different in many ways from Oblivion and other UO shards.

There is a 700 point skill cap and a 225 stat cap.

The world is divided and for the most part inaccessible at this time. Options to open up new and untamed areas will be provided to the community over time.

The world is Undeveloped, meaning there are no guards, few or no vendors or skill trainers. There are options to "grow" or upgrade a town that are provided to the community over time.

You will start in a town called Eadain, which is for all intent and purpose identical in terrain and buildings to Delucia in the T2A Lost Lands.

Just to the north of Eadain is a group of vendors, and a gate to the "Nexus", which has a few guild masters and some guild housing available.

As players combat the "Void Masters" they should be able to open up new lands and tether them to the Nexus and be able to travel and adventure in them. Perhaps even claim a sliver of the world for your own!

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