Necrotyr Dungeon

Located inside Terort Skitas mountain due south of Shrine of Valor, Dungeon Necrotyr is teeming with necromantic inhabitants.

Once a prestigious academy for necromancers striving to enhance their craft, it is now the home of the monstrosities created by their grisly experiments. Most of the students have fled and the remaining instructors have been turned to become guardians of the school. Outsiders are not welcome to assist without invitation; a dubious honor which must be earned.

At various locations throughout the dungeon, you will encounter those who will not use their magicks to attack unfamiliar faces, but will assist you instead. Deep inside this place of evil, you will find a you will find various powerful necromancers who have placed a potent hex upon the doorway, a sanctuary for those of the dark arts who come in peace. These warlocks hold great artifacts which they will bestow upon you, in exchange for Necrolite.

Characters enter through the main gatehouse to the top floor of the multilevel fortress. Once, a backdoor existed to the second level, but due to a landslide of a nearby mountain, the back entrance is now blocked off.

The usual undead can be found here: Overseers, Necrougars, Flayed Ones, Putrid Ones, Necronic Wisps, Necromancers, and Necrotyr Guardians. And, of course, the final boss.

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