Moonlight Artifacts

Moonlight Artifacts are amazingly powerful pieces of jewelry, created by the pure magical power of the Moonlight Gem and the Moonlight bag.
Other items (see recipe) are also required to define the final form of the artifact.
Moonlight Gems are obtained by gathering and combining a Moonlight Pentagram

To create a particular artifact you must gather up all necessary items and place them into the Moonlight Bag. Shake the bag a little and your item will magically be created.

Soulstone of Merlin

Regen Mana = Random( 1, 2 )
Cast Speed Inc = Random( 1, 2 )
Lower Mana Cost = Random( 8, 12 ) %
Lower Reg Cost = Random( 8, 12 ) %
Magery bonus = Random( 3.0, 7.0 )

1 Moonlight Gem
1 Healing Illusionist Crystal
1 Flamestrike Illusionist Crystal
1 Mana Vampire Scroll
1 Mandrake Root
1 Greater Agility Potion
1 Gold Ingot

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