Miscellaneous Screenshots

Screenshots will be available here

A bird's eye view of Vesper

A young counselor back in July 2002

A good tamer i used to know ;) (check the computer time!)

12/4/2008 - Gilean returns and hosts a Tournament of Valor (TOV) Event!! Screenshots below:

Here are the ready and willing participants! Good luck to us all!

Fester pays a visit to the TOV event! Who will fight Fester??

The final battle!! Sevros and Captain Benedict battle it out!!

After Benedict loses and regains connection and a restart of the whole battle… Sevros remains the last one standing!! Sevros is the first champion of the return of Gilean and the TOV event! What an epic battle!! Look at those spectators going wild!

All in all another great moment in OB history… once the TOV becomes a regular weekly event, players will compete to be the champion of the year! Welcome back Gilean! And thank you for hosting a wonderfully exhilarating event! Until next time…

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