Misc Items

Treasure Digging Tool
On a small Vesper island, just southeast of the bank, (2940,745,2) you can find the treasure shovel seller. For 2000 gold he will sell you a treaure digging shovel. This shovel is not to be confused with a normal shovel as this one allows you to bury your own treasures. Please note, you can not use this item to dig up a normal T-Map treasure.

Using one is simple. Just double click the tool and target the container your treasure is in. Your treasure will be burried where you're standing and you will get a map with the location drawn on it. The tool will be consumed upon using it.

To retrieve your burried treasure you will have to spend another 2000 gold for another treasure tool. To dig up your treasure, stand on the spot you burried it. Then double click the treasure digging tool and target the map. It will dig up your treasure!

You can bury your treasure anywhere. There is no specific area or facet you're limited to. A great tool for role-playing pirates that would rather hide their booty than share it! It can also make for a fun player run event!

Tool Chest
An item to consolidate all of your various tools into one simple easy to use tool chest. Add an item by either dragging and dropping it onto the chest or use the "Add tool" button located on the gump when you double click. Remove a tool by clicking the minus (-) next to the item you wish to remove. The tool chest can hold any tool except for runic items, and up to 99,999 uses of each.

The chest must be in your bank box or locked down/secure in your house to use. If you secure it you can set security levels so only you can take tools from it.

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