May 2010 Change Log

5/29/2010 Update

*One time teleporter will no longer teleport you to a null map if there is no map specified.

*When you try to pull a GateOrdersRelayDevice with a GateRemoteControl it will no longer cause the server to go into an infinite loop.

5/28/2010 Update

  • StarOre no longer drops.
  • GMs can see people with a higher accesslevel than them in the [gm gump if they are on that persons visibility list.
  • Variety dealer inventory amounts tweaked.
  • Fixed a bug that would not let you cast the 5th energy vortex.

5/27/2010 Update

  • Deco corpse set to stackable true to suppress console warnings.
  • Lesser hiryu should no longer change colors (you'll notice this fix when we do the real conversion).
  • [b and [s now get shown on the console so GMs can communicate with it too, not just players through [wc.
  • A couple of monsters updated a little.

5/25/2010 Update

  • GM gump will give the admin if you're admin or higher.
  • Blessed dagger is no longer double click equipable.
  • The bug that crashed the shard earlier is hopefully fixed, though I couldn't repeat it to be sure.
  • The Lycanthropy quest now drops the proper looking icon.

5/24/2010 Update

  • A bug has been fixed that would cause certain weapons to cause the shard to go into an infinite loop.
  • Ev's have been set to be the same as their 1.0 counter parts, less hits and damage and only 1 control slot.
  • Lockpicks and boards have been returned to their original weight of 0.1 stone per item instead of the new 1 stone per item.

5/20/2010 Update #2

  • Cleaned up some scripts that were still creating hair items. Converted them to their virutual counter parts, as this is what RunUO uses now.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause weapons created with runic hammers to come out unhued.

5/20/2010 Update

  • Dismount, riding swipe and bolas will now properly knock a player out of Animal Form.
  • Auto healing will now properly continue after curing poison or healing a bleed.

5/19/2010 Update Numero Tre

  • Passwords can no longer be changed to something longer than 16 characters (Client limitation) and they can no longer be shorter than 6 (for security).
  • Auto Resource Gathering can now be turned off properly

5/19/2010 Update #2

  • You can no longer create an NC character by choosing Jhelom. We will implement a cleaner way to create one in the future if the project ever picks back up.
  • BaseAxe now implements IUsesRemaining like it should. No idea why it didn't any more. Silly RunUO devs…

5/19/2010 Update

  • The buff icon system has been turned on. It is available for clients at or above 5.0.2b.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not take things out of dungeon chests.

5/18/2010 Update

  • Status Page has been enabled.
  • Reports have been enabled.
  • Admins and Developers can now set people to the same access level as them.
  • Bake Kitsune's are no long on a roid rage. They have been reduced in power closer to that of the default Bake, but still beefed up a little. In addition they will only take two control slots from now on.
  • The shrink table has been updated to show the better items for shrunken ostards.

5/17/2010 Update #2

  • Soulstones and SoulShards will no longer disappear when you use them.
  • SoulShards will replace themselves with SoulStoneFragments when you doubleclick them.
  • SoulStoneFragments have replaced SoulShards on the vstone trading stone.

5/17/2010 Update

  • Mondain's Legacy Bonus resources for fishing, mining and lumberjacking have been removed.
  • Balron Damnnation and Daemon Dismissal slayers will work properly again.

Welcome to the 2.0 Conversion Beta!

Please read the forums for everything you need to know.
You'll find a gate in vesper to a testing center where you can find items
to get you started testing.
You can also set your skills and stats at any time, simply say "help" for more details
or see the forums.

If you need to kill yourself easily a [suicide command has been implemented for testing

the [GC command for guild chat has been removed instead use the new built in guild chat via the '\' key.
You can also now use the '|' key for Alliance chat

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