OK back to Macros… the macros tab is the arrow half moon icon… this is KEY to being good at ultima… when you open it up you'll see four buttons


If you scroll through the default macros with next and previous you will see the open paper doll and open map are here as ALT-P and ALT-R… for now leave the default macros and let's create a new one for healing!

To do this click ADD… then it'll make a blank macro for you to create… I use CTRL for all my macros because it's an easy button to press in conjunction with a letter (and there aren't many default macros for CTRL; CTRL-B is bow… i changed that fast but if you want push CTRL-B to bow like a mofo!)

So let's keep it easy, you'll want to experiment with macros… especially to cast spells that you use often like heal or great heal… and to use special attacks! so let's make a macro!
Push the blue diamon next to control it'll put a check mark there (this means you need to push ctrl plus the keystroke key to do the macro)… then select the keystroke box and type the letter you want to use for healing! H makes sense! I use S because it's easy to push… so choose H…

So your screen should show an H in the keystroke field and a check mark beside ctrl… now click the arrow pointing down in the actions and select the option SAY… then in the box to the right type in [doaction bandageself then click apply… now whenever you push CTRL-H your character will say [doaction bandageself instead of you having to type it out… which means all you need to do to heal yourself with bandaids is push CTRL-H! Which in the heat of battle makes you quick! and you need to be quick to be good!… you'll want to experiment with macros as you go along! You'll want to set the spells you use often… and skills you use often… It's also useful to make a macro for LAST TARGET and for TARGET SELF… as you play more you'll see why… again learn macros! Google Ultima Online Macros for more useful tips but you need to use them! I promise you use em and your life will be easier!

Healing Macro! Make one! Note there should be a space between [doaction bandageself my bad! If you are following this guide you'll catch that!
Sample spell macro! Play around with the spells you plan to use lots! You can add more to your macro by choosing items below it! I.e. make it wait for target then target self! Notice I did 2 healing macro samples! This should be a hint that you'll want multiple ways to heal! Skills, spells, saying things these can all be made simpler with macros!

Play around with this system!

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