Loot Chests

Every now and then you may find monsters that carry very old, tightly sealed, chests.
Due to the fact that they can't be opened by any normal means they are generally called Sealed Chests.

They have been found made of several materials, including a rare Gold Pressed Latinum version.

The Sealed Chests cannot be opened with magic, lockpicking or brute force.
Even Ogre Lords and Balrons have been hired to try to open them, unsuccesfully.


Thankfully there are some complex lock specialists around the world (One has been seen in Haven lately). Of course, they will not share their expertise, nor charge you cheaply for their services. The going rate for unlocking one of this chests is about 10000 gold pieces.


The rewards could be worth ten times what you have paid to unseal the chest, or almost nothing.
It's a strangely addictive gamble!

From recent reports we've discovered that these chests can contain items much sought after in the land of Oblivion. Among these we've discovered magic runic blacksmith hammers, virtue stones, dolls of some sort of magical nature, and the much sought after items of Shevarash.

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