Life Of A Warrior

Life of the Warrior

A warrior is someone who uses a weapon to fight creatures… it's a great type of character to be on Oblivion… the pros are you can do big dmg, you can take big dmg, and you can take on some of the hardest creatures by yourself… the cons are you need decent equipment to be a good warrior and you have to repair your stuff all the time! each item you have has durability, when it gets to 0 it has a chance of breaking! you can by repair deeds off player vendors to repair things… you can use a repair deed on an item by having the deed and the item that needs repairing in your backpack… you then stand next to the appropriate NPC (if it's a tailoring deed find a tailor NPC and stand net to him to use it)… you'll have to repair your stuff often as a warrior… or keep getting new stuff… there is also something called Powder of Fortitude (or POF) these add durability to weapons/armor… they sell for around 50k on Oblivion or you can get them from BODs (see my crafter section for more info)… until you get great stuff don't worry about POF!

To be a warrior you need to look at what kind of warrior you want to be! UO Stratics will give tons of info on each skill type but I'll give you a quick debrief here on skills/stats for an effective warrior (there are many builds to be a good warrior play with them to see what you like!)

If you missed the section on macros; go back to it now… you'll want lots of macros for your spells/skills/special attacks! Go to macros

First of all the healing macro you made will be huge for you … healing and anatomy are musts for ANY warrior build here…. healing is just too strong to not have… healing effectively requires dex… and swing speed requires dex… and swinging a weapon also needs stamina which you get from DEX! So if you haven't picked up on it by now Dex is important! Probably the most important skill! I know I said start with strength, that's important too especially for starting out… but dex is what'll keep you alive and ticking! At 120 dex with gm (100 skill points) in healing and anatomy you'll be healing for 30-40 dmg every 5 seconds… healing/anatomy at a high level will also cure poison and you'll be able to bring your friends back from the dead… (you need 90 in each for ressurecting) as you fight you should be pressing CTRL-H non stop to train up healing and anatomy.. the sooner these skills are at 100 the better! plus you'll gain dex as you heal! Anatomy also works to add dmg! So EVERY warrior should have high dex, gm healing and gm anat…

The next thing you need to determine is what kind of weapon you want to use… fencing, swords, mace or archery… fencing/swords/mace are all pretty much the same… the only difference is what weapon types there are for each type… typically fencing are fast and used for poisoning (it's a skill that you can use to put poison on a blade… fencing is the choice because there are more weapons that you can poison in fencing (you can only poison certain weapons)… the best fencing weapons are usually war forks and Kryss (i'm simplifying again because weapon choice gets complicated more on that later!… swords are a great well rounded choice… swords have the added bonus of having axes belonging to them… if you get the lumberjacking skill (yes lumberjacking is a skill!) you get a dmg bonus if you use axe weapons… meaning you can pump out some serious dmg with some axes! the executioners axe and katana are great weapons for a swordguy!.. macefighting is less common but can be great as the dmg hurts armor faster and drains stamina… though mace weapons are typically slow they can do great dmg… quarterstaff's and maces are great choices here…

Archery is a different sort of beast… archers don't have to get close which means they don't need to worry as much about armor or defence… but you'll run through a lot of arrows/bolts (used in bows and crossbows respectively) and that gets expensive… if you are an archer you'll want to find yourself an Elven Quiver asap (they drop in something called a loot chest here and usually sell for 2-5k each on player vendors)… these things are blessed and can store a lot of bolts/arrows while keeping weight down… archers are a great choice… you'll want to look for the repeating crossbow here! but any bow will do!

You may have noticed (if you've looked at UO Stratics) that I've picked mostly fast weapons as the best weapon types… it's on purpose… speed is huge… sure that Halbred might do more dmg but you swing it way less often and heaven help you if you miss! Here comes my quick blurb on weapons!

Weapon Selection
When choosing a weapon you'll want to ask yourself a few questions about the weapon:
Is it fast enough? What special attacks does it have (you can use special attacks once you get to 70 in that weapon type; there are 2 special attacks for each weapon type one you can use at 70 and one at 90 click the little icon next to the backpack on your paperdoll shows all the special attacks and what weapons have what)

Some of the more useful weapon skills are bleed (which causes the target to gradually take dmg as they bleed out); armor ignore (which ignores the armor), double strike (which makes you attack twice) and whirlwind (which attacks everything all around you)… there are other useful ones play with them as you train!

After speed you want to look at dmg… dmg increase % are great… the max dmg increase is 100% and you want to get as high as you can… 100% means double dmg and that helps! Then you have an array of properties that can go on your weapon! UO Stratics shows all of them in detail… some of the more useful ones are:

Life leech/mana leech/stam leech = which convert dmg to either life/mana/stam
Hit lower defence/hit lower attack = which make the opponent easier to hit or make it harder for them to hit you
Hit chance increase/ defence chance increase = make it easier for you to hit things or easier for you to block things
Hit Lightning/Fire/Harm - extra dmg chance on each swing

Again there are many possibilities but if you focus on speed and dmg increase to start you'll be heading in the right direction!

So back to weapon choice! Basically weapon choice is a preference thing… other than archery the rest are pretty much the same…

So you choose what weapon you want and left click on the weapon to see what type it is and you start fighting in the new player dungeon! As you fight that weapon skill, tactics, anat will all go up… if you have a shield equipped parry will also go up… this leads into two discussions tactics and parry..

Tactics is a no brainer… it effects how much dmg you do regardless of what type of warrior you are you need it… done end of story…

Parry is also kind of a no brainer… at gm parry you block 30% of your attacks… but only if you have a shield equipped… without a shield you parry at only 5% or so… getting hit 1/3 of the time is huge… this skill also works with a complimentary skill called Bushido… if you want to use 2 handed weapons and no shield you'll want to get parry and bushido to get the same 1/3 blocking chance! Bushido is a great complimentary skill read about it on stratics! but in a nutshell you can use a skill called Confidence and Lightning Strike (if you use them make macros for both!) confidence makes you gain health/stam if you parry and you parry more often… lightning strike gives you a chance to hit for critical dmg and 50% HCI on the next swing… Bushido is a great complimentary skill for a warrior… lets look at some of the others..

Chivalry - arguably the best comp skill for a warrior… cleanse by fire is a great way to cure poison (as an alternate to healing).. enemy of one lets you do extra dmg and take less dmg from the next creature type you attack (one of the best skills in the game!) and consecrete weapon converts all dmg to the type the enemy is weakest against (it may not make sense to you until you read more about the mechanic of ultima but it's a huge advantage!) also you can use Sacred Journey to teleport around Oblivion without magery! which means you might not need magery so you can use those skill points for other things in your build! If you use Chiv make a macro for enemy of one, consecrete weapon, close wounds and cleanse by fire… (close wounds is arguably the best healing spell in the game!) You only need around 60-80 chiv for most warrior builds… unless you want to spam divine light (and if you do you're better off being a mage!) 60 will let you cast enemy of one, consecrete weapon, sacred journey, cleanse by fire and close wounds… that's all you need!

Necromancy - another great skill for a warrior… i know you are thinking isn't a necro a spellcaster!? but curse weapon converts dmg you do with your weapon into health for you! plus there is vampire form and wraith form which make make you immune to poison or regen mana on an attack (respectively)… which help a ton when fighting hard monsters… if you pick Necromancy you'll also need to get Spirit Speak which works to make the necro spells more effective… Spirit Speak can also be used for a quick heal by draining life from a nearby corpse or costing you 10 mana (if you do use spirit speak make a macro for it! Also make a macro for curse weapon! blood oath is also a great spell to cast (makes dmg they do to you hurt them!) Macro up whatever you use often! you only need around 70 necro to use most of the spells you need for a warrior…some would argue 40 as all you need is curse weapon… i say 60 for curse weapon and wraith form (you need 60 to cast wraith)

Magery is always useful for every build; but when you have 1000 points as a limit you can run out fast when your skills start getting to 100! Read my magery section for more info on life as a mage! you can blend it with a warrior but it gets tricky with the skill cap!

Meditation/Focus are useful to regenerate mana and stamina… you can get around these skills with wraith form (necro spell) and mana/stam leech weapons but they are still decent complimentary skills!

Lumberjacking! if you use an axe the dmg bonus is very nice!

Poisoning - is a painful skill to train but if used effectively it is one of the deadliest skills in teh game… i don't recommend this to new players but if you want to be one of the best PvP'ers it's a great skill to have!

Resisting Spells - is a great choice too… makes you resist spells like poison. and makes curse spells less effective… read about it on UO Stratics… for a new player though I highly recommend it… there are work arounds to having it but having it will make your life easier!

Bushido/Ninjitsu are also great comp skills… Bushido especially if you want to use 2h weapons… and using Honor (click the star above your name to see the virtue system then click honor the chalice! or make a macro for it! InvokeVirtue Honor then you select a monster before it gets dmged to get a luck/dmg bonus on things you attack! it's a huge advantage! Ninjitus has some nice dmg bonus attacks as well… Focus Attack on an archer is great!

Hiding/Stealth can be useful as well to get out of a sticky situation… and cartography/lockpicking can help with those treasure hunting types!

As for armor… meddable armor is nice… you gain mana faster for spells/skills… there are work arounds… DCI, HCI on armor is great… same with mana regen/hp regen/stam regen… Defence Chance Increase and Hit Chance Increase are your best friends though IMO… especially DCI… at 45 DCI you'll evade another 30% of the attacks with gm in a weapon skill

In any case play around with the build! As a warrior you need to make sure you have a few ways to heal yourself (bandaids/magery/chiv/spirit speak/curse weapon/confidence/potions/life leech items/vamp form)… you need to be fast (dex is huge even if you choose slow weapons)… weapon choice is VERY important play with what works for you! and you need to be using spells/skills non stop! If you want to just go up to a dragon and attack it this isn't the game for you…. you need things like Consecrete Weapon/Enemy of One/Lightning Strike/Bless/Curse Weapon/Blood Oath etc… you can't have them all but the more you can use at once the better off you will be! and you need to be using your weapon skills! make a macro for primary and secondary weapon skill! learn what they are for each weapon type and use weapons that have the attacks you want to have… the weapon skills i listed above will take a mediocre warrior to the next level! A good warrior will be casting/using skills with macros non stop!

When in doubt check out the Oblivion forums and post questions! players will help you with your build there and give you more input but this guide should get you started! Also check out the Oblivion Wiki for the Demon Sword talisman quest… the demon sword will be your friend especially if you use a shield! Also you'll want to get the water talisman quest done! Hint hunt water elementals until something cool and turqoise drops!

Getting Hit - a discussion on chances to hit, miss, dodge and block! Good information to know

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