Life Of A Mage

Life of a Mage

Life as a mage is different than life as a warrior… first of all you'll want to gm magery! this can be done fairly easily by finding a LRC suit (lower reagent cost)… LRC means you need a % less amount of reagents to cast spells… LRC 100% means you don't need ANY regs to cast spells… Necro spells/chiv spells or magery spells! Magery spells use mage regs (sold at the mage shop!) necro spells use necro regs (sold at the mage shop) and chiv spells use tithing points (which you get by donating gold at an ankh there is one in the travel hub look for it!) A 100% LRC suit is a huge money saver for training up Necro/Chiv and Magery… which are the mage types on Oblivion…

Here is my quick spell discussion for Necro/Magery! I won't do Chiv as it is pretty much covered in the warrior section

If you missed the section on macros; go back to it now… you'll want lots of macros for your spells! Go to macros

Necro first! There are 17 spells for full details visit UO Stratics! I'll cover the ones I use briefly

Animate dead- if you hunt alone this is huge… bring back things to help you fight great skill
Blood Oath- dmg done to you is done in turn back to the thing that did it to you better for a warrior still has a use for a mage
Corpse skin - makes a creature weak to fire and poison… but strong to phys and cold
Evil Omen - makes the next bad thing to the thing you cast this on worse!
Lich form - regen mana like a mofo! and immune to bleed
Pain Spike - can do a quick 40 dmg temporarily! (it comes back over time but in PvP this spell is great)
Posion Spike - nice spell dmg
Strangle - does small dmg over time to something
Summon Familiar - read about this on stratics but these summons can be useful!
Vampiric Embrace - turn into a vampire! immune to poison level 4 and down! life leech on hit (doesnt help you much as a mage!) but garlic spells hurt you (can't cast heal!)
Wither - One of the best spells in the game for AoE (can't remember what it stands for but something like area over effect… it dmgs things within a few tiles of you!)
Wraith Form - in this form you gain mana from dmg you do! it's a great form to be in for a mage!

That's pretty much every necro spell… UO stratics gives you more info… but you can see that Necro is a great skill to have for a mage… almost every spell is useful (sorry Horrific Beast you didn't make the cut!)… With Necro you need Spirit Speak! Spirit Speak makes some necro spells more effective! and you want to be more effective don't you!? Plus the spirit speak heal (if you have it make a macro for spirit speak) is a great way to heal! And it is the ONLY heal that heals you even if you are poisoned… which can be the difference of life and death sometimes! Make Macros for the spells you use often!!!!!!!!!!

Now for Magery spells a quick discussion… again i'm only going to cover the useful spells here!
Reactive Armor - gives you a nice phys resist bump but lowers the others… phys resist is the most important though
Magic Arrow - a quick small dmg spell to annoy players in PvP make them fizz (to fizz means to miscast!)
Heal - i know it doesn't heal much but it's fast! A macro for heal, wait for target, target self can be a lifesaver! especially in PvP and events! if you are a mage make that macro!
Harm - a quick spell like magic arrow that does more dmg base on how close you are to an opponent… great fo PvP
Protection - reduces magic resist meaning your base resists will drop yadda, yadda yadda… but you won't be as interupted as much for spells you cast… which can be useful play with it - with skills like reactive armor/protection the last until you cast them again so you don't need a macro for them as much…. i just open the spellbook up or drag the icon onto the play area (which is another way to use skills/spells)
Cure - curse poison… you need that…. healing with bandaids is better if you can! which is why Healing/Anatomy are great comp skills to a mage!
Bless - gives a nice temp bonus to all stats
Fireball - meh it's ok dmg I never use it
Poison - useful in PvP/events to keep warriors from healing with aids! you can't heal with aids until the poison is gone so it gives them an extra step… poison can be very VERY useful if you get the poisoning skill… magery skill + poisoning skill to a maximum of 200 will affect how powerful the poison is… max poison is deadly! especially if you cast evil omen on them first then poison them! make a macro for poison… especially if you have poisoning!
Unlock - you can open low level chests with this
Arch Cure - cures everyone in a few steps of you; it also cures higher poisons than the regular poison… i have a macro for archcure… i used it often… CTRL-C make one
Greater Heal - great heal spell! make a macro for it! you can do cast spell/wait for target/target self! or make a macro for it and have a seperate target self macro! (i told you to make one earlier it is very useful!)
Lightning - ok dmg… i never use it though some people like it as a quicks spell… i prefer harm/magic arrow… or necro spells like pain spike!
Curse- great for pvp lowers all their stats that's a big disadvantage to enter a fight with 20 less hp
Recall - you'll use this like mad… but it'll be from a runebook 99% of the time!
Blade Spirits - 1 slot per summon these whirling devils can help a ton in battle! a macro for these guys can be useful especially because they are easy to cast at GM
Mind Blast - one of the only spells that does dmg based on things other than eval int! it's a great fast spell that can do decent dmg… but i use poison spike instead
Paralyze - can be useful in PvM( player verse monster) but i rarely use it… more on wrestling in a second! ;P
Poison Field - great spell… poisons anything that runs through it… with max poisoning it's a great spell! macro this one! especially if you do champs (see getting cool stuff below)
Summon Creature - useful when fighting GAIA when you find her that'll make sense to you… other than that meh!
Dispel - dispels things… dispel field does fields… they have limited use and i almost never use them… sometimes to dispel summons
Energy Bolt - this is one of the best mage spells… macro it up! do it now!
Explosion - another one of the best mage spells… macro it up! do it now! this spell is delayed so you can stack it with other spells… cast explosion then ebolt then repeat! this also leads into my last target macro! you don't want to keep targeting that player or monster again and again! doing it once is tricky enough! target something with ebolt (which you now have a macro for) or start with explosion… it's usually a good idea to start with explosion… then cast a dmg spell and hit last target! no more retargeting! doing this effectively is a must if you want to be a good mage… if you don't have a last target macro as a mage you are doing it wrong!
Invisibility - very useful to stay alive… going invis means things stop chasing/attacking you.. i have a macro cast spell/wait for target/target self… it's saved my life more than healing
Mark - for marking runes to put in runebooks
Reveal - you need this in Doom!
Paralyze Field- people like this… i dont i guess it's useful things that run into it get paraed… hard monsters never stay paraed long!
Chain Lightning - i don't use it but it's decent area dmg… i use wither instead… wither is better… use wither if you have necro… otherwise this'll do
Energy Field - makes a wall monsters can't run through… i don't use it but it can be used to stay alive and control monsters… especially in tight quarters!
Flame Strike - CTRL-F make a macro for it… it's a beast of a spell! especially in PvP/events… it takes more mana than ebolt so i use ebolt more… but flamestrike will always have a special place in my heart! macro it!
Gate Travel - makes a moon gate (colored easter egg!) to a marked rune… or from a rune in your runebook…
Mana Vampire - great spell for training magery, magic resist and eval int!
Meteor Swarm - great fire dmg spell for creatures bunched together… i never use to use it… now i do… and it's great… use it! macro it! especially on undead!
Earthquake - beast of an AoE spell… one of the deadliest spells in the game for PvM… even PvP too bad it's 8th circle and you fizz lots!
Energy Vortex - whirling purple buggers will help you out in PvM more than most of your buddies! macro them and use them to help you fight!
Resurrection - if you have friends they will die on this shard… and sometimes you'll have to help them out…
THe other summons are ok… Summon Demon is good but he takes up 5 slots (or 4) a lot of them anyways! The only other summon I use sometimes is the Earth Ele… he takes a beating more than the rest! so he can keep things off of you!

For a mage you need Eval Int… you gain it as you cast spells… you need it it makes spells more effective and you want that… no questions asked get it! if you want a reason why visit UO Stratics for the specifics!

I've listed all these spells but you may not be able to cast them right away! you need a certain skill level in necro/magery to cast these spells… as an easy rule for magery for every 10 skill points you go up a level.. it's not true but it's close enough for my purposes! i.e. 70 skill points for level 7 spells… i think it's actually 66 but who cares! if you are a mage you are getting to 100 anyways! For necros check stratics for the breakdown…

Training magery! cast spells on yourself over and over again with LRC 100% lightning until invis until mana vampire! or magery will go up as you cast spells in battle… as you cast spells Eval Int and Resisting Spells will gain with this process too!

Training Necro! cast pain spike on yourself (you'll get resist gains too and Spirit speak gains)… then horific beast at around 40, and lich form at 70… 100% LRC is the way to go! or you'll need a fortunes worth of regs!

To be an effective mage you need to not get hit! so running around a lot is key! but you will get hit every now and then! which is why magic resist helps (at 100 base 40 in all resists)… parrying is also helpful! equip a shield and block 30% of the attacks!… healing and anatomy are good for staying alive… also eval int + anat +20 / 2 makes a combat defence base for you!… so 100 in both would make you evade as many attacks as someone with 110 wrestling… which is good… evading attacks is a formula based on the attackers combat skill and yours… you want to evade attacks… so eval int and anat at 100 are great! wrestling is also great .. if you don't have anatomy and healing (which you may not for your build, it's harder to play but if you get fancy there are work arounds)… wrestling also gives you 2 great weapon attacks… disarm and paralyze… whenever i fight I always have paralyze pushed so if something gets close i para punch it which helps me get away so I can get back to running around!

Disarm is also great especially for PvP… it's hard to do dmg when you don't have a weapon equipped!

The other skill that is a must for a mage IMO is inscription… it's a pain to get… but it gives your best spells a 10% dmg bonus… 10% helps a lot and makes you 10% better than the mage who doesn't have it!

Mediation/Focus are also great for mages… you need mana to cast spells… these give you mana regen… which leads onto my armor discussion… you need to wear meddable armor as a mage… which means leather or items that have the "mage armor" property… don't question me on this! if you are a mage do it!

Poisoning is a great skill for mages… poison field with max poisoning is amazing… keep in mind max poisoning for a mage is magery + poisoning to a max of 200… you don't need more than that… so if you have 110 magery (whoa 110 i thought the max was 100 read further chapter on getting cool stuff)…

Back to equipment… you want mana… you need it… if you run out you are in trouble… so when you are choosing armor for a mage choose meddable… look for lower mana cost (LMC) which makes spells require a less %… LRC% is useful… but not as useful as LMC! and you want items that have Mana Regen… Mana Regen 2 or better items are great for your mage! you want to be gaining mana almost as fast as you spend it! resists are less important for a mage because you will be running around trying to not get hit!… cast reactive armor get your phys up as high as possible… get your para punch/disarm punch ready just in case! and ebolt/explosion/poison for the win! if you a necro throw in withers/pains spikes/poison spikes/corpse skins/evil omen and try fighting in lich/wraith form

And something I missed that should be included! I took some ribbin for the length of this! In any case Faster Casting and Faster Cast Recovery are crucial in being an effective mage! Faster casting does exactly what it says it does; same with faster cast recovery! They are capped at FC 2 and FCR 6… They are both very important if you want to be a great mage! Find equipment that has FC and FCR on them! Moonlight equipment with dwarvern jewel enhancing will get you close!I should also note that if your magery is below 69.9 the caps are FC 4 and FCR 6 for chivalry spells… which means you can really do some crazy healing with close wounds and chiv! but for a standard mage/necro you should be looking for FC and FCR items! The best jewelry you can find has FC 1 FCR 3 as loot! Look for that on the jewelry you want to use!

That'll get you started experiment with it! again when in doubt post question in the forums and you'll be surprised at the support you get!

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