Life Of A Crafter

Crafters Section

If you want to be a crafter heaven help you! It takes a certain type for sure! but crafters can make the best stuff! I won't type too much here because it bores me even thinking about it! even though I have one! Here's a lowdown:

Alchemy - you can make shrink potions that sell steadily here and shrink pets… greater heals/cures are useful too… and if you want to train poisoning you'll need poison potions… around 80,000 nightshades worth or more! You need an alchemy kit, empty bottles, and regs to get started on this skill! Try alchemist NPC's just north of Vesper bank!

Blacksmithing - enhance armor and make great weapons! Get GM Armslore for a 5% bonus to dmg and 5% extra resists on exceptional armor pieces you make… you'll need to be a miner too with this one to get ore to make or enhance things! you'll also have to do Bulk Order Deeds from smith NPCs… they will give you POF which will sell for 50k or can be used to add durability to weapons/armor… but what you are really striving for is runic hammers… these puppies make some of the best weapons in the game… tower of roses… google that website for more info… or stratics… keep in mind that Oblivion runics aren't as good as the info on UO stratics! You need blacksmiths with their repair deeds for weapons and armor! Smith Bods Table You need shovel/pick axe to start mining Mining Ore Requirements beside the bridge west of vesper bank there is an NPC that will sell you mining equipment! Explore vesper for tongs/black smith hammers! Keep in mind you need a forge and anvil to make things!

Tailoring - enhance armor and make great armor! Get GM Armslore for a 5% bonus to resists… you can make meddable armor; bone armor is great so is studded… Vampire Crafts are also a great revenue source! you'll need to do BODs to get runic kits… but if you have the patience you can make amazing armor that is meddable and highly desired! Repairing leather is helpful! Tailor Bods Table

Tinkering - make tools for other crafting… also you can make dwarvern jewel enhance kits… which sell for ~20k each… you need gm tinkering and a ton of gems! check out the gem shop near Vesper bank to get started on this talisman quest! Check out the Oblivion Wiki for info on all talisman quests! Dwarvern Jewel Enhancing Info All you need for this is leather or cloth and some sewing kits (shop just north of Vesper across bridge)

Carpentry - mostly deco but there is a market for it… plus i need people to make my carp repair deeds for my quarterstaff! You need wood Lumberjacking Table as well as any of the carpentry tools! Look for a carpenter npc in Vesper!

Fletching - you can make some neat bows… check out the Elven Craftables talisman quest! You need an axe to get wood Lumberjacking Table and a fletchers kit! Look around Vesper for the fletcher NPC!

There are other trades… I won't talk about them they aren't really useful… i.e. cooking… but read stratics for more info! basically blacksmithing/tailoring/tinkering/carpentry/fletching in that order of usefulness are the ones to get on OB!

For example inscription is a great way to make money and is quite useful for mages!

Bod Running - Information taken from Whiplash's forum post about how to increase your odds of getting a barbed runic sewing kit.

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