Khaldun Ilsh

This dungeon is a challenge for a group of 4-6 adventurers. Pets are not allowed to be resurrected here, and players can only be resurrected at specified Ankhs in the dungeon, not by other players. Although the entrance to Khaldun is in Ilshenar, the dungeon itself exists in the Felucca facet, so be careful in which direction you sling your spells or swing your weapons. Those fortunate enough may lucky to pull one of the spectral weapons or armor pieces from their foes. Khaldun is not a dungeon for the hasty or faint of heart, progressing too fast will surely shorten your life span. It is advised to tread carefully as many ghosts and traps haunt the aging tombs.

Among the mongbats, revenants and minions that call Khaldun home, you will find the many followers of the Spectral Lord himself! One would best be advised to attack the Knights of the Spectral, and the Lord itself with a group of versed adventurers.

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