June 2010 Change Log

06/26/2010 Update

  • Meditation will once again work for mages. For non-mages the "low mana = low chance to medit" remains.
  • Fixed a typo that caused a cliloc error with empty bottle commodity deeds.
  • Doom artifact drop rate adjusted.
  • Animal Trainers and Veterinarian NPCs will sell blank pet resurrection deeds (to be signed by a player with 80+ veterinary).
  • Pet resurrection stone added, to be used at events and selected locations.
  • Blank Scrolls commodity deed fixed

06/22/2010 Update

  • Scrolls of Trascendence now drop in loot chests.
  • Animal Taming rebalanced.
  • Empty Bottles can now be put into commodity deeds.
  • Pet Storage gem given a total creatures cap.

06/21/2010 Update

  • Minor bug with guaranteed recall region mitigated.
  • Location hints added to Generic Quest NPCs, readable by [ListGenericQuests.
  • Possible exploit fixed.
  • OSI new feature scripted, pending admin approval.
  • Item scripted for a new simple event.

6/18/2010 Update

  • Event robes have a better implementation for FFA.
  • EnableFFA command removed. It was replaced with ToggleFFA.
  • Event hub gate and [closeevent will now give you warm and fuzzy messages telling you that those gates have been opened or closed.
  • Some commands have been moved to the Developer access Level.
  • Some things added for a dungeon.
  • Draft Pack Horses and Embers beetles can no longer be shrunk if they are holding things.
  • A typo fixed in the reward system gump.
  • Cooldown removed from Runebooks.
  • Balron Damnation and Daemon Dismissal slayers have been phased out as per RunUO 2.0 default. Old slayers of those types have been converted to the Exorcism slayer.
  • GhettoPVP equipment has been tweaked.

6/13/2010 Update

  • The 9 year veteran statue will have the proper itemid now.
  • Furniture dye can now be properly unstacked.
  • The area preview while setting up a static house has had it's max amount increased, making setting up a house easier.
  • Valor has been temporarily disabled until we figure out the best way for it to suit our shard. during this time you will not be earning valor points either.

6/9/2010 Update

  • Reverted code in basehouse that was causing an issue with towers and castles

6/8/2010 Update

  • Knives' Town Houses system implemented. (Static housing!)
  • Edits to BaseHouse and Interior decorator for town houses to work properly.
  • Banners or statues have been added to every veteran reward year except for 6 month and Year 4(they already have them) as deco rewards.
  • Ethereal Fire Ostard has been added to the 5th year veteran rewards.
  • Ethereal Ice Llama has been added to the 6th year veteran rewards.
  • Third House slot scroll added as 7th year veteran reward.
  • Ethereal Ridable Polar Bear added as 8th year veteran reward.
  • Limited use Fire and Ice Dye tubs added as 9 year veteran reward.
  • Player Dedicated Shrine scroll added as 10th year veteran reward.
  • The elven crafted bows such as the flame bow and the iron bow will do damage of the proper type when doing their special.
  • The amount of monsters at a champion spawn has been reduced by half.(Still double what it was on 1.0).
  • GMs can no longer be tracked.
  • A gump has been added that players using the 6.0.0 client and above will see upon log in. It tells them the issues with using that client and offers a link to download the game again to reinstall if necessary.
  • Page reminder gump created and implemented so GMs (Mainly me) don't forget to close your pages any more (GM Only).
  • [FireHide command added as an alias to [OldSchoolToggleHide (GM Only).

6/4/2010 Update

  • Devs and Owners in the GM and admin gumps get their own hues.
  • All champion artifacts with cliloc errors now will display the correct name.
  • Bear masks and Deer masks are made out of leather now and will craft properly.
  • The Trashite Barrel will now accept deer masks and Bear masks.
  • House Linking Telepads won't make a poof or sound if you're hidden.

6/3/2010 Update

  • The freezing bug has been found and fixed. It was an issue with the PileOfAcid that the Solens produce when you hit them(there was the same issue with the AcidSlime that Kappas drop, it has also been fixed). Thanks to Whiplash for finding some posts on the RunUO forums about it and pointing me in the right direction.
  • Saves are now hourly again.
  • Reports now output to the new folder again (Undoing my undo).

6/2/2010 Update #2

  • Times between saves reduced to 30 minutes.
  • So apparently that didn't fix the freeze issue. If your name is listed below I need you to email me with exactly what you were doing at the time of the freeze:

* Hagen
* Ubba
* Torden
* BlackKnight
* Arcane Sui
* Gemini
* Big T
* Chessa
* Gues
* Ronald McDonald
* Caleb LaRue

Please send that email to moc.liamg|tsarEMG#moc.liamg|tsarEMG. Thanks.

6/2/2010 Update

  • So after changing the report thing yesterday the server started freezing once a day, not sure if thats coincidence or not but it can't hurt to test it. Reverted the code to the old code to test.
  • Harmful actions can now be performed in vesper. (Fighting in vesper is still illegal.)

6/1/2010 Update

  • Reports now generate to a different folder on the server.
  • A bug where vendors would not restock properly has been fixed.

Welcome to Oblivion 2.0! 5/31/2010

We're out of beta and releasing on time! Thanks to those who are still alive after testing.

Welcome to Oblivion on RunUO 2.0. The passed few months have been very hectic for us on the staff and we would like to thank all of you who helped us test.

Some misc changes:

  • The spawner gump will now close the spawner owner gump when closed (GM Thing).
  • Spellbook crafting resources tweaked.
  • Test center turned off.
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