July 2010 Change Log


  • Companion pets, for deco only pets have been scripted.
  • Tweaked and added items for Wind Dungeon
    • Corrupter's Staff has been tweaked.
    • Corruption Compendium added.
    • Shroud of the Corrupt added.
    • A corrupted blood companion pet added.
  • "Oblivion Artifact" property added to some items.
  • Gaia's Ancient staff now scripted, no longer created on the fly.
  • Rock soul collector now will expire in a cleaner way.
  • LifeDependantTeleporter scripted. This teleporter has the option to only let dead people pass, or to only let living people pass.
  • A way for pets to be dropped in loot added.
  • Powder of Fortifying can now be combined with other cans of Powder of fortifying by using one can on the other.
  • GiantFireBeetle's will act like a forge properly(for real this time).
  • Gaia now calculates damage that is fair in a way to all styles of play, except for you crafters… You'll still die a horrible death.


  • Elemental Keys will now be movable true on creation.
  • DecoCorpse will now be Movable false on creation.
  • MotherNature and all of her forms have new effects that depict what type of damage she is doing at the time.
  • MotherNature will now give a slight warning before doing her special attack in her final form.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the server to crash when you logged in and had an expired RockSoulCollector in your pack.
  • The RockSoulCollector will now automatically pack itself up when you are more than 10 tiles away.
  • GiantFireBeetles will now properly be considered forges.
  • Some values have been tweaked with the Account decay system.
  • ChampionSkulls will now drop on the corpse of the champion again instead of in a players pack.
  • Valor has been re-enabled to allow the progression of a Champion Spawn. Restarting a champion is still disabled.
  • PileOfDragonBones scripted.


  • Rock monsters rebalanced
  • Elemental Key added to be used with special doors

7/20/2010 Update

  • Rock is officially opened!!!!!
  • Rock monsters tweaked.
  • Gaia's Robot guardians will now be red when created.
  • Untamable Greater Dragon scripted.

7/18/2010 Update

  • Dungeon NPCs finished
  • Smiths and Tailors frozen

7/16/2010 Update

  • ElectroWear scripted for fashion show prize.
  • Some monsters added for a dungeon.
  • Granite box updated.

7/12/2010 Update

  • If you die while using a transformation spell (Lich form, wraith form, animal form, etc). Your corpse will come up as your normal human looking corpse so it's easier to find in a mass of corpses.
  • The title at the top of a generic info gump will now display in white text, this has been bugging me for a long time now.
  • The [WCLog command will now have the latest message at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
  • Fixed a bug where you could embed HTML into the [wclog gump and cause it to break.
  • [BCast messages will now show up on the WC log
  • Skeletal dragons summoned by Chyloth in Doom will no longer drop loot to stop players from abusing it.
  • All Purpose Skinning knife coded. There is no current way available to obtain this, but we will implement a way shortly.

7/8/2010 Update

  • World chat log coded (you can see the last 100 messages) accessible via [WCLog
  • Bonuses to armor and weapon crafting from Arms Lore enabled.
  • Cursed items can no longer be put into your blessed bag.
  • Double time stamp on account comments fixed.
  • A vendor rental contract target can now target the ground properly.
  • Skill gain in vesper is possible when the guards are off.
  • A bug with the tool chest has been fixed.
  • A bug with the client warning gump has been fixed.

7/2/2010 Update

  • Meditation set back to something that does not favor any one play-type over another. It has also been modified to be more fair to players with high mana.
  • Clocks now display the servertime as well as the in game time.
  • Pet rez deed needs 80 lore to sign.
  • Earthworm and Giant version now actually get in range to attack. They where bugged and didn't get close enough for melee.
  • Bottle and scroll commodity deeds finally fixed ( I think? -.- )
  • Scissors have 2 tile range, instead of one, to match corpse-opening range.
  • Some extra command logging has been added to the [tele command.
  • BailJail has been turned back on.
  • BailJail and Jail commands have gotten command logging.
  • GetAIAction command added for developers to help debug something.
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