Journal Patch

This patch is player-made. Oblivion shard and it's Staff cannot be held responsible for any errors, problems, etc this might cause.

The patch should contain a modified version of the file gumpart.mul, nothing else.

There are 2 versions of the patch, one for client 4.0.11c and one for 5.0.0b.
It probably works for other versions but we can't guarantee it so, use it at your own risk!

For those who are tired of the light journal background I've decided to make this patch.
Basically, it changes the journals background to a dark grey which makes everything much clearer to read. As a bonus, the status window is also modified to a 'slim' version of the original one.

Here's a few screenshots:


Download and Instructions

First of all, you have to download the modified gumpart.mul, which can be found here:
4.0.11c - gumpart.rar (10.2MB)
5.0.0b - gumpart-500b.rar (11.6MB)

Now, go to your UO folder and make a backup of your current gumpart.mul file. (or just rename it to gumpart-default.mul)
After that, just extract gumpart.rar to your UO folder (replace the existing file, if you didn't rename it)

That's it! :) Enjoy your new journal and status window!

NOTE: The gumpart.mul was designed to Mondain's Legacy client 4.0.11c AND 5.0.0b. It probably works with older clients but, we do not guarantee it. (That's why I encourage you to make a backup of your default gumpart.mul file)

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