January 09 & December 08 Change Log

01/09 and 12/07 UPDATE

  • Pet Wars console improved.
  • Christmas 2009 stuff modified, 2009 boxes and bells made available.
  • Intense battle between good and evil leads to the decomission of a single ItemRemovalGate to preserve shard stability :)
  • New command to detect ownerless houses (GM only, of course :P ).
  • ToV stuff modified
  • ToolChest Fixed.
  • Sealed Vase Scripted.
  • Gem Elementals Updated (Kiros)
  • Introducing my baby project, codename: NewChallenge

NewChallenge its a sealed facet (similar in concept to JadedSouls) that provides a rebalanced gameplay experience, specifically designed for veterans that miss the times when killing a dragon with a friend or two was a challenge.

This facets gameplay style WILL NOT affect normal facets, players will be required to create a new character to join this facet. No items or people can be traded/moved between facets.

Some balance changes planned/done:
- Mining revamped, players will use special machinery to obtain iron, and then refine it to create other metals. Highest possible metal is valorite, and it costs a lot to obtain it.
- Loot will be redone, and all uberloot removed. The best you can expect from hard creatures are VERY LIGHTLY magically enhanced armor or weapons.
- POF will cease to exist in this facet, nothing will last forever.
- No Runcasting.
- Longer standing still delay for archers.
- Heavily decreased bandage efficiency (alchemy will be useful again).
- Damage from player pets & summons will be lowered considerably.
- No Chivalry or Necromancy in the new lands.
- and much more :)

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