Installing Uo

Here are the latest instructions to Install Mondain's legacy to a patch-compatible level for Oblivion.
For the best results when playing you should follow this steps when installing UO.
Do NOT download Mondain's Legacy from, as it comes patched and is not 100% compatible with Oblivion

With the 2.1 Conversion and Client update please read and follow [] as well

What you need to do

1)Download the Stygian Abyss client from Atomic Gamer
Install the client

2) Download:
and uncompress in your UO directory, replacing existing files. It's a small download containing our custom hues and log in information..

3)Download Razor from RunUO - Razor and use the following server address and port:
Port: 2593

Done, UO should load and you will be able to login.

If you've never player Ultima before or this is your first time on Oblivion we recommend asking lots of questions in game, on the forums and reading the New Player Guide!

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