Inscription - the crafting skill that'll make spellbooks, scrolls, and related items!

Inscription is a fairly straight forward crafting system… you get a scribe's pen and a bunch of blank scrolls and you start inscribing! For mages who like killing things this is more than just a crafting skill! At GM it's a 10% dmg bonus! In any case when you double click a scribe's pen you'll see every spell circle, other and spells of necromancy…

The magery spells/necro spells are pretty straight forward! The trick is you have to have the spell in order to inscribe it (i.e. you need a full spellbook to make all the spells you just can't inscribe spells out of nowhere!)

For training this skill you'll need around 40,000 to 50,000 scrolls or so make the highest circle scroll you can; you'll get there eventually! It's painful, but if you are a mage it's worth it! Not only do you get a 10% bonus but you can create some useful items as well! (see other)

Here is a low down on the Other items:

Self marking rune - it's a self marking rune! Players buy these to mark things… sometimes you aren't with your mage and you really want to mark a location… this'll do that for you! Plus players buy these (granted not for a lot but they still buy 'em)

Runebook - these babies are useful! very useful! it's where you store your runes… every player should have at least one! Plus they are blessed!

Reagent Tracking Book - quickly lets you know how many of each reagent you have!

Bulk Order Book - stores those painful, painful BOD's so you don't have a bag full of green/grey BODS

and finally…

Spellbooks! Now you're thinking I already have a full spellbook why do I need a new one that's blank!? well you don't need a regular one! But with GM inscription, gm magery you can craft some spellbooks with magic properties!

The higher your magery the better chance you have of making a "magic" spellbook… and what kind of properties can they have?

Well they can be slayers! Demon slayer, Undead Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Repond Slayer are all very useful! Some of the others slayers can be useful too i.e. Arachnid, Elemental and Snake! These work the same as weapon slayers! A mage with a demon slayer can take on the toughest of demons (from afar of course)

Spellbooks can also get Faster Casting 1, faster cast recovery 2, Spell dmg increase up to 9%, LMC, LRC, and bonuses to magery, eval int, resisting spells, meditation, etc… as well as Mana Regen up to 2!

The trick with these books is you have to have them in your hand for them to give you the bonus! But you don't need the one in your hand to be full (you just need a full one in your main pack!)

If you are a mage; a pure mage you need to find yourself some good spellbooks! and the best way is to make em yourself! So go start training inscription!

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