Ingame Commands

Oblivion has several in game commands created to aid players, both by providing information and by performing automated actions.

All commands are preceded by the square bracket symbol. Example: [command.


Brings up a menu with all available commands.

[DoAction parameter

Automates certain tasks for the player. very useful when added as a macro. Example: [DoAction BandageSelf

List of possible parameters:

  • BandagePet: Automatically applies bandages to the pet owned by you that is lowest in hit points.
  • BandageSelf: Applies bandages to yourself. Informs you of current health %.
  • UseBandage: Attempts to find and use bandages in your backpack. Brings up a targeting cursor.
  • PotHeal: Attempts to find and use a heal potion in your backpack.
  • PotCure: Attempts to find and use a cure potion in your backpack.
  • OpenDoors: Attempts to open any doors in your vicinity (2 tiles)


Tells the time you need to wait in minutes to obtain your next tailoring or blacksmith Bulk Order Deed.


The player will display an [AFK] tag below their name.
Afk status is be broken if the player speaks, moves or disconnects.


Will display all your bonuses currently in effect.
Luck, mana regeneration, lower reagent cost, etc.


For role playing reasons or for reducing screen clutter players may bury empty monster corpses.
It displays a burying animation.


Displays a menu of emotes a character can perform.
All of them include a sound, and some even creating special items (like puking).
Please Note: One is only allowed to emote once every 5 minutes to prevent server lag. You will get a system
message of remaining time to next emote if you emote again too soon.


It displays the current server time, as well as if macroing is allowed at that time.
Unattended macroing is NOT allowed weekdays from 8am to 6pm.


Will display a list of currently playing people, as well as their fame and karma, and their guild abbreviation.


Will display a very short list of statistics, including current item and mobile count (global) and the amount of players currently online.


Oblivion has custom healing messages that appear overhead the patient whenever the patient is cured, healed, or the process fails.
This messages can be toggled on or off by using this command.


This command will toggle a special hue on your body, allowing the ingame character (not the paperdoll) to show the underwear both in skin hue, or in white hue.

Please note that the command only toggles the hue of the underwear to make it less visible.

Whenether or not UO characters are anatomically correct cannot be established at this moment.

[UseTool parameter

This command will attempt to find and use a tool for the corresponding skill.

Possible parameters are:

  • mining
  • tailoring
  • lumberjacking
  • carpentry
  • cartography
  • alchemy
  • blacksmith
  • cooking
  • fishing
  • fletching
  • inscribe
  • tinkering


Combines all reagents in the targeted bag (including bags inside of the targeted bag) into single piles of each type of reagent.

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