Icon Quests

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Icon Quests: They generally take the form of a search and kill a monster to obtain a spell icon or specific item. The spell icon or item can be double clicked to claim it, obtaining a Virtue Stone in return. Each of this quests can be done only once per account, after that claiming the spell icon will not yield any reward.

Upon completion of all available quests you can contact a GM for verification and your Title of Grand Master of Quests. This title can be applied to any ONE of your characters.


Use the command [queststatus to check the quest listing and completed quests and be sure to visit the Quest Hall in Vesper to assist New Citizens in their questing.

Table of Contents
Icon: Protection
Difficulty: 4

Recently, a traveling noble who was carrying the Protection Icon was passing through the area. When he arrived at his destination, the Icon was no longer in his wagon. A man was noted to be walking along the road out of Britain as the wagon passed. The noble has offered a reward for the safe return of his Icon and has given a description of the man. A man fitting the description has been reported lurking in an Orc Camp along the North-East road of Britain. No one knows why he is allowed to stay there. Perhaps it is because he has the mastery of the Orcish tongue, or perhaps because he provides them with some protection. Some say that the man is hiding from heroes and bounty hunters that seek the Protection Icon. Investigate the camp and recover the icon if it is there.

An Alchemist's Tragedy
Icon: Gate Travel
Difficulty: 5

Yershold the Great was a shop keeper and head alchemist of Moonglow's Herbal Splendor for many years. In the middle of a brilliant career, tragedy struck. While working on the infamous recipe for the potion of the Zephyr, two beakers of very dangerous concoctions broke and mixed together. The resulting fumes rendered Yershold unconscious for many hours, and in that time the vapors twisted and maddened him. Since that day, he has stayed in his laboratory northwest of Herbal Splendor Shop and is feared by all. Recent research indicates that Yershold had the Gate Travel icon, which now needs to be taken from him.

The Den of Ali Babba
Icon: Teleport
Difficulty: 6

A bandit local to Haven and her highways in Trammel is known to have stolen the Icon of Teleportation from the former leader of his new gang of thugs. Ali Babba and his forty thieves now launch raids upon the town and any passing caravans. They strike, then disappear, and no one knows where. The mayor of Haven has asked for brave souls to hunt down this band of thieves and put an end to their tyranny. A thief captured by Haven's guards said that Ali Babba is protected in stone.

Amazon Village
Icon: Blade Spirits
Difficulty: 5

A tribe of Amazons seem to have stolen the Blade Spirit Icon as their way of establishing their clan's might and superiority. This dangerous Icon cannot be allowed to remain in the hands of this upstart rebel troop. Their last sighting reports them somewhere to the east of Delucia.

The Goddess Athena

Icon: Athena's Whip
Difficulty: 5

Alas, many winters have come and gone since the great Goddess Athena promised the world that she would give us a better means to train our mounts. The magical whip that she created is said to be able to tame any ridable creatuire. Athena is said to live in the far North, to the west of a mountain of such strong winds that many men have fallen to their deaths. Her Temple is in a valley that cuts deep into the rock and thinly divides the mountains, as if a great sword had cleaved through it. Retrieve the Whip and a virtue stone will be your reward.

Barnyard Bizarro

Icon: Johnboy Willie's Pitchfork
Difficulty: 9

Many years ago, a humble farmer name John Boy Willie and his lovely bride, Bo Peep, sought to help tame the wild lands of Felucca by starting a farm. They built their farm on a plot of land somewhere south of the Shrine of Sacrifice. Alas, they were one night visited by a travelling mage who had been set upon by some of the brigands that frequent the area. Frightened of mages in general, and of how the brigands might treat them if they helped the mage, John Boy Willie and Bo Peep turned the mage away. Summoning the last of his strength, the mage crawled back to Vesper where he was found by another member of his order. As he died, the mage related the story. His associate first tracked down the brigands responsible for the attack and slew them, then found the little farm. Angered by their refusal to help a traveller in need, the mage cursed the land they worked and all that dwelt on it. John Boy Willie, Bo Peep, and all their creatures became twisted distortions of their former selves, so malevolent that even the brigands leave them alone. Their souls may only be freed by claiming John Boy Willie's Pitchfork in battle and returning it to the Magic Order that first cursed them.

The Black Dragon's Treasure

Icon: Recall
Difficulty: 9

Not far from the city of Luna there lives a powerful dragon with a stronger than usual lust for treasure. Mere gold and gems are not enough for the mighty Onyx, he hungers for the rarest of artifacts. In recent years, the guardians of the Icon of Recall were slain, and it is believed that Onyx is both responsible for their deaths and currently has this Icon. If he does have it, it will be his most treasured posession, with him at all times. It is said that Onyx lives in a cave full of treasures, served by lesser dragons. Any adventurer brave enough to slay this menace and retrieve the Icon will be handsomely rewarded!

The Black Swamp Lord/ The Black Pool

Icon: Magic Reflection
Difficulty: 8

In the swamps North of Trinsic in the Evil Lands lies a black pool. It is said that anyone who calls his name while looking into this pool will be teleported to the lair of the Black Swamp Lord, who with his evil minions, holds captive the Magic Reflection Icon. Great reward awaits any who could brave this dark passage in order to defeat the Black Swamp Lord and win back the Icon.

Blade Spirit Keep

Icon: Mass Dispel
Difficulty: 7

Foolishly summoned to the Yew Prison by one Rupert the Clumsy, a petty criminal of dubious magical ability, the Master of Blades rapidly killed the unprepared guards and inmates of the prison, seizing in the process the Mass Dispel icon that Rupert had planned on using to banish the Spirit once he'd escaped in the confusion. Alas, it would have taken far greater magick than Rupert possessed to bend the Master of Blades to his will, and he was the first to fall to the malevolent spirit. Though he had taken the Prison easily by summoning his Blade Spirit minions, the Master learned quickly the prison was not a safe place to remain, as it was far too close to the Guards' Garrison. He withdrew to the Lost Lands of Felucca, taking control of the estate of a minor nobleman far from the beaten paths of the area. It is said the Master left a shortcut to his new hideaway in the swampy area East of Papua, on the Southern shores of the Shallow Sea. Defeat the Master of Blades and his minions, retrieve the Mass Dispel Icon, and liberate the Nobleman's Estate.

Blood-Red Abbey

Icon: Polymorph
Difficulty: 7

Years back, Wargulon, the Abbot of a Religious Sect, founded an Abbey just outside of the town of Papua. It wasn't exactly the best neighborhood, but the price of the land was right. The Monks of the Abbey kept mostly to themselves, devoted to the teachings of Wargulon. As Wargulon grew older, his teachings grew stranger. Wargulon somehow came to possess the powerful Icon of Polymorph, but with each transformation he undertook, less of his humanity remained. During his final transformation, Wargulon's mind completely snapped and he slaughtered everyone within the Abbey. When he returned to himself, he was overwrought with guilt and attempted to bring all the victims back resulting in a ghastly mistake creating an army of undead. When Wargulon himself died from the exertion, his residual magic returned him as a powerful Lich.Wargulon and his army still haunt the small abbey It is said that only a truly noble soul can free the trapped spirits of the Monks, dispatch Wargulon, and reclaim the Icon.

Caliph of the Ophidians

Icon: Dispel
Difficulty: 7

The ancient Ophidian Fortress found in the Barren Wastes is rumored to house the Ophidian Caliph. This ruler has long been known to have conquered an army of Lord British's grandfather for the sole purpose of taking the Dispel Magic Icon from the army's most revered hero, Lord Kostian. The Caliph's whereabouts have not been known for over 50 years, making this the very first chance to find him. Make your way to the Ophidian Lair, find this Ophidian ruler and kill him. Bring the Icon of Dispel back to its proper place.

Cedric's Lute
Icon: Cedric's Lute

Cedric was a world renowned bard who performed far and wide for royalty and other people of great wealth and influence. Whenever he played his audience would become entranced with his beautiful music played on his enchanted lute. As his fame and wealth grew other bards became envious of his stature. One of these bards was Giacomo who schemed to have a sleeping draught placed in Cedric's wine at the Twin Oaks Tavern. While Cedric was deep asleep, Giacomo stole away his enchanted lute. Alas the magic only worked for Cedric. Instead of playing beautiful music the lute turned Giacomo evil and took his talent from him. Poor Cedric awaits for someone brave enough to win his lute back from Giacomo. Rumors say that Giacomo fled far from the tavern and is in a musical shrine where the river meets the mountains west of the Gargoyle's City.

The Secret of the Crystal Dragons

Icon: Invisibility
Difficulty: 7

The Crystal Dragons have long held secret the origins of their ability to remain hidden in plain sight. It has recently been discovered that this ability was developed centuries ago, with the help of the Icon of Invisibility.The icon was once stolen and used to reveal the Crystal Dragons and slay them. The one remaining Crystal Dragon Czar managed to retrieve the sacred icon. To obtain this power icon you must find the Crystal Dragon Czar. The sages of Lord British believe him to reside in a field surrounded by mountains, Southeast of Delucia

Cyclops Valley

Icon: Summon Fire Elemental
Difficulty: 7

Papua sailors know that Cyclops Valley can be found by travelling a bit southwest from the Serpent Pillar. Non-sailors also know of this valley because of a gate that leads there from the back of the mage's shop. This is a place of fable and mystery and is home to many of the strange one-eyed creatures. This dangerous valley is also known to be ruled by a mutant with magical powers that long ago killed a noble for his Icon. The name of the noble and which Icon it was has been forgotten, but the fact that it is in the possession of the Mutant Cyclops has not. Find this cyclops and take his Icon from him.

The Dark Fairy

Icon: Flamestrike
Difficulty: 6

On the open grass of Trinsic Island east of Trinsic in Trammel, the dark fairy can be found gathering with her kind. This spirit was once good, like other fairy-folk, but then she fell victim to the magic and trickery of the evil mage Faren. She was twisted and tortured until she became dark and evil. It is said that the Dark Fairy eventually killed her master and stole his powerful Icon of Flamestrike. Venture to the island, kill this dark evil spirit, and take back the Icon… if you dare.

The Dark Fire Spitter
Icon: Reveal
Difficulty: 6

Ancient legends tell of a vile, fire-breathing spirit. So corrupt and contagious was its evil that most monsters feared to approach its realm. Hero after hero sought out the monster, hoping to banish it from the land. The Spirit stole the Reveal Icon, hoping to deny its power to anyone seeking him out. The spirit has been silent for so long that many believed it had passed from this world, but alas, a refugee reported that his party had stumbled into a small valley inhabited by many fiery creatures, and one that seemed to suck the light from about him. The Dark Fire Spitter is again corrupting the land. The refugee reported him somewhere west of Terathan Keep in Trammel. He must be stopped, and the Reveal Icon restored to its rightful owners!

The Catacombs of the Dark Liche Lord

Icon: Paralyze
Difficulty: 7

Deep within the Yew Crypts is the home of the Dark Liche Lord. This foul abomination is mentioned in many a fable to carry the powerful Icon of Paralysis, and to consume the life energy of his victims. Venture to the Yew Crypts to find his lair..

The Dark Pixie Queen


Needs a Description

Dead Knight
Icon: Wall of Stone
Difficulty: 7

Long ago there was a noble knight named Maggots, who served the Britain Lords and held the Icon for creating walls of stone. After his years of service, he spent his time searching for the secrets of magic and power. As he aged, his greed and power changed him. He made a deal with the Daemon Lords of the underworld in return for power from them, but his folly did not stop there. He tried to cheat the daemons and for doing that they made him serve out eternity in a special circle of stone southwest of Haven. Since he can only regain his life by collecting souls, he must be stopped and his Icon retrieved.


Icon: Heal
Difficulty: 8

Once known as Count Vladimir the Impaler, Dracula is rumored to have sold his soul to obtain everlasting life. He was hoping to outlive his bad reputation and once again be popular with the fairer sex, but deals with the devil often carry an unexpected twist. Dracula was now popular with the ladies, but only with Goth ladies that were more often more depressed than he was. The key to Dracula's immortality lies in his possession of the Heal Icon, which eliminates any damage his body accumulates over time. Spies report that the entrance to his lair lies in a small ruin beyond the mountains North of Luna in Malas. End Dracula's evil reign by defeating him and reclaiming the Heal Icon.

The Drider Alliance
Icon: Resurrection
Difficulty: 6

The long told stories of an alliance between the Drow and the Drider clans seem to be true. For several months now, many of Papua's citizens have been telling stories about sighting Drow west across the river. If an alliance is being made, an Icon is surely to be found somewhere in or near the hive. The residents of Papua are fearful that this alliance may soon threaten their nearby town. Retrieve the Icon to break the alliance.

The Drow Caravan
Icon: Bless
Difficulty: 5

The Drow carrying the Treaty were last seen travelling between Britain and Yew. By all accounts they appear to be heading to Shame! Hinder the caravan from reaching their destination and secure the Sprite's Bless icon, which has been sent to the Drow King. (see also The Drow and Sprite Alliance and The Drow King)

The Drow King

Icon: Fireball
Difficulty: 9

Sources have revealed that the Drow King awaits a treaty and many fear this new rogue king and his alliance. It is believed that he will unite many Drow, as well as the Sprites. They had been last sighted travelling north from the Shrine of Spirituality in Trammel, and are thought to have finally set their base camp. Killing this rogue king will prevent this threat, as well as gain the Fireball Icon he plans to use to seal his alliance with the Sprites. (see also The Drow Caravan and The Drow and Sprite Alliance)

The Drow and Sprite Alliance

Icon: Cure
Difficulty: 6

The Drow and Sprites are attempting to form an alliance. They have joined together at an old fort west of a Trinsic Guard Outpost. Destroy this threat and retrieve the Drow's Cure Icon, which binds them in their alliance. (see also The Drow Caravan and The Drow King)

Dungeon Doors

Icon: Poison Field
Difficulty: 7

Just outside of the dark city of Umbra, resting in the Shadows of the Mountains, lies the fabled Dungeon without Doors. Actually, the architects of the dungeon did place doors in it, they just had twisted senses of humor and hid all the doors. Years ago, a brave but not too bright adventurer named Gereth entered the dungeon while carrying the precious Poison Field Icon. He never left the dungeon, and it is believed the Icon is now in the possession of one of the Dungeon's most dangerous residents. The Lords of the Realm can only hope that whoever ventures to retrieve the Icon is more competent than the one who lost it.

Elemental Evil

Icon: Curse
Difficulty: 8

Deep in the bowels of the ancient elemental dungeon , resides the last traces of Elemental Evil. This is an evil so horrible and corrupt that it alone is able to provoke forth the full powers of Curse from its dreaded Icon. Find the Elemental Evil where it reigns over the elemental dungeon.Be leary if you take this quest upon yourself, if you should die it would be a Shame.

Eye of the Beholders

Icon: Arch Protection
Difficulty: 7

The Brotherhood of Saint Alfonso had finally succeeded in obtaining the Iconic relic of Arch Protection, the spell which had sealed Alfonso's claim to Sainthood. While traveling back through Trammel to the Parish of Saint Alfonso on Ice Island in Felucca, the Brothers took a wrong turn and found themselves in a forest, with the sea in front and beside them, and a mountain to their other side. Before they could turn back, the Mother Beholder happened upon them. Terribly outclassed, the carriers of the Sacred Relic were soon decimated and the cherished Icon taken by the Mother Beholder. Reports indicate that she still dwells in the same area by the Western Coast, somewhere south of the Dungeon Shame. Defeat the Mother Beholder and her spawn, and return the Cherished Iconic Relic to the Brotherhood of Saint Alfonso to obtain a virtue stone, and an invitation to their Pancake Breakfast.

Eye of the Meer Eternals

Icon: Eye of the Meer Eternals

Rogue General Kifik and his Jukan horde have strained the tense peace by stealing an ancient Artifact from the Meer community of Lakeshire and taken it to their camp somewhere in Ilshenar. The hatred between the two races has been brokered to border disputes, but this bold action threatens to shatter the fragile peace process and renew blood feuds simmering beneath the surface.

It is your Job to recover the Eye of the Meer Eternals, which is a scrying ball carved of the purest diamond mined deep within the jungles of Ilshenar. Look for it on the General himself, but do not expect him to hand it over lightly.

The Forgotten Warrior

Icon: Arch Cure
Difficulty: 3

A warrior of an ancient battle single-handedly helped to save Britain from a great evil. He was called a great hero and people praised his name throughout the streets. As a reward, the king bestowed the Arch Cure Icon upon him. When he passed away a few years later of disease, he was buried with the icon in his family's mausoleum southeast of Cove. As the years past, details of the battle slipped from the histories and even his name was forgotten. Now the Forgotten Warrior's spirit has returned. The citizens have requested you put him to rest and retrieve the Icon he grasps in his bony hands.


Icon: Feeblemind
Difficulty: 5

Years ago, my father was driven mad with grief over the loss of my mother. He left Britian on the road to Trinsic and is rumored to be near a cemetary found in the wood northwest of Trinsic. I do believe that he settled someplace along the way. I heard he had been experimenting with the dark art of reincarnation. He also held the Feeblemind Icon — a gift that's been in our family for centuries. I have not heard from my father in years, and I fear that he has fallen victim to one of his creations. Many have ventured there to see if these rumors of his death are true, or if they could could at least find the Icon. Determine the truth of this situation, and retrieve the Icon.


Icon: Mana Drain
Difficulty: 7

Deep within the Dungeon Deceit lies a pit where creatures were once forced to battle to the death. The winner of these matches was made to hold the Mana Drain Icon until they, too, were defeated. The Overlords of these matches have long since bored of their diversion and abandoned the pit, but the last great Champion still holds the Icon. A great reward awaits the one who defeats this evil beast and returns the Icon to its rightful owners.

Gershman's Chalice of Elementals

Icon: Summon Water Elemental
Difficulty: 6

Tales of the legendary Alchemist and Mage known as Gershman Majestica have been told throughout history. These tales tell that Gershman worked powerful magics to draw the powers of the elements from an Icon he obtained, using them to create a mystical chalice. This Chalice of Elementals houses a powerful Water Elemental: The Spirit Lord of Water. The chalice has long been lost, but recent documents hint that the original Water Elemental Icon resides in the dungeon of Shame in the lake of many rooms that are thought to have once been Gershman's home.

The Golden Harpies
Icon: Summon Air Elemental
Difficulty: 4

There is a place North of Minoc in the mountains that is said to be the home of a flock of Golden Harpies. Stories tell of these harpies swooping down on caravan that was transporting goods from Minoc to Vesper about a six weeks ago. One rumors suggests that the caravan was attacked by these harpies in order to steal the Summon Air Elemental Icon from a rich businessman. Beware of these foul creatures if you seek the Icon — they are very quick and their scream can paralyze a man's soul.

The Hammer of Darkness

Icon: Magic Lock
Difficulty: 6

Ages ago, Ironskull, the Mad Dwarf Mage, created the Evil Hammer of Darkness as his revenge against the local Barbarians. The Barbarians however, outwitted Ironskull and snatched up his Icon of Magical Locking as well as the Hammer of Darkness before it could be used against them. Little did they know that the Hammer's mere presence would corrupt them and drive them insane. The clan bearing the evil Hammer is believed to have resurfaced near the shrine of Sacrifice in Trammel. A fisherman mentioned heading towards a favorite fishing spot in a cove below the shrine when he happened upon a madmen clothed in animal skins that bowed to a shaman waving a dark glowing hammer.

Hamunaptra and the Evil Priest Imhotep
Icon: Mummy's Bandage
Difficulty: 8

Over a millennia ago, before the ancient ones walked the land, a vast Empire wielded its power over the world! One dark day, the High Priest Imhotep and his followers rose up and murdered the King. The King's loyal bodyguards gave chase to Imhotep and his priests as they raced South across the desert to their stronghold, the Temple of Hamunaptra (the Temple of the Dead). The guards overpowered Imhotep and his priests. Justice was swift.

The priests were immediately executed and mummified. However, Imhotep was sentenced to an unthinkable death. He was mummified alive! As he was being sealed into his sarcophagus, he swore to return and seek vengeance on all who would disturb his remains, and then he would destroy the world! Much time has past since then.

The Capital city has been reclaimed by the desert from which it rose. But there are many tales told, for a price, to those seeking adventure and wealth. One such tale tells of the ruins of Hamunaptra, where danger and death lurk in the shadows.

Should the cursed Imhotep ever be brought back to life, there is only one way to stop him. The rumor is to slay his mummified body and take a piece of the cloth he was mummified in. It is also rumored that to find his body in the ruins you must find the scroll held by his minions. The last rumor is that the Temple lies east of great waters in the sand in the land of peaceful Malas.

So it was written, so it shall be told… Trade the mummy's bandage for a Virtue Stone.


Icon: Hell Fire

They say the road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions, well that may very well be true. The remnants of an ancient, fiery red road dot the landscape in the north west area of Ilshenar. Many have followed these small scraps of road west to the mountains. The few that have returned speak of finding a stange Handbasket! Some foolhardy souls have climbed into this handbasket and have found themselves face to face with HaSatan himself!

Those pure of spirit (or just plain lucky!) have been able to temporarily defeat the Adversary and claim for themselves a small piece of Hell Fire.

Avoid going to these mountains as the souls of those defeated remain guarding the Handbasket

The Undead Hordes from Hell

Icon: Mana Vampire
Difficulty: 9

A fable of our past tells of "The Victim of Mana". It is said that one day long ago, he was on a hunting trip North of Ver Lor Reg, when suddenly the sky darkened and a storm descended from the heavens. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was over. What he saw next, no man would believe. He saw Death himself appear, and it looked upon him. With a move of his hand a passage spit the mountain apart and in the center it revealed a keep of great evil, and from it poured forth the Undead Hordes of Hell itself. Death then said to the Victim, "As you have seen what has transpired here, you shall be eternally locked into this world as the 'Sacrificial Victim for Mana,'" at which point he brought forth the horrendous Icon of the Mana Vampire. For centuries now, this poor soul has been condemned to his part in this evil scheme. It is asked that the Icon be removed from Death's Keep so that it may be made safe and the Victim be allowed his peace.

Kalil the Forsaken

Icon: Jewel of the Sun
Difficulty: 9

Kalil was once the son of a noble family, destined to rule in the land of his birth. When he was but 16, his father was deposed by a bloody coup. His parents murdered, Kalil and his siblings were sold into slavery. Kalil was bought by a powerful mage, who put the youth to hard labor in the mundane tasks of his keep. Unbeknownst to the mage, though, Kalil could read, and began studying the old mage's tomes, learning evil magic to avenge himself on those who had murdered his family. Consumed with bitterness and anger, Kalil sank further into evil plotting. He finally murdered his ancient master, stealing from him the Jewel of the Sun necklace and claiming its power for himself. He has both created and recruited minions to his cause, and even now ruthlessly attacks any who come near. His plans for conquest have gone far beyond his own land and include anywhere his reach can extend. Kalil must be stopped and the Jewel of the Sun taken before he can unleash his evil on the land. The way to his chamber is twisted and difficult, but starts just north of the City of Umbra in Malas.

Kumo Oni

Icon: Jade Shakuhachi (flute)
Difficulty: 3

Many know the story of Cedric the most famous bard in the lands of Britainia, but few have heard the tragic tale of his wife Kumo. It is a sad tale indeed of lost love and lives destroyed.

The love of Cedric's life was his beautiful and graceful wife Kumo. Kumo had traveled the lands beside her beloved for many years as he went about his duties, performances, and bardic services fulfilling first this contract and that. They had become inseparable and were happily so.

After Cedric's famous lute was tragically stolen, the faithful Kumo tried and tried in vain to help her husband, but despite her best nurturing, Cedric was still a broken shell of a man, and just a shadow of his former self. Kumo had the idea that if the famous lute could not be retrieved, then she would just have to seek a replacement. Nothing was too much to do for her husband, if she could just make Cedric well again.

In her many travels, Kumo had heard of a jade colored bamboo flute, with magical properties, owned by the evil Spider Queen Octavia. With questionable intentions and summoning all the skills she had inherently learned growing up as a samuri's daughter, she and 4 hired bandits, bravely stealthed into Octavia's hidden lair to try and steal the famous instrument. With patience and much searching the flute was located in the Queens chamber and after a few moments Kumo had it in her possession. She was very surprised and relieved that the instrument could be taken with so little resistance. Her relief was short-lived however when on their journey out of the lair, the Arachnid guard showed up and then inevitably Queen Octavia herself. After a fierce battle, in which Kumo saw all of her companions fall and almost all of the Arachnid guard disabled, she was finally at the exit of the Arachnid lair and looked to be almost free. The Queen cast one last powerful spell in Kumo's direction that should have killed her, but with so much of Queen's magic spent in the battle, the weakened spell had the a strange effect of a polymorphing poor Kumo. The once beautiful Kumo had become a horribly brown disfigured something…., a cross between a woman and a something else…..

Kumo-Oni as she is now known, has been doomed to spend her life as a creature similar to a Terathan Matriarch and never be able to return to her home or her beloved Cedric. She is forbidden to go near any towns by instant death from Britainnia Guards and will never be able to see her husband again face to face, or to give him the valuable prize she worked so hard to steal.

Rumors abound that the last know whereabouts of the dark Kumo-Oni was in the south of one of the Tokuno Islands. She is still in possession of the magical flute known as the Jade Shakuhachi. She now has her own guard of Arachnids; so be careful brave warrior, if you venture after her to retrieve the flute, which is a prize very much worth claiming for yourself. Rumor also has it, that if you be of negative karma, you would do well to watch out for the band of tree creatures you must venture through to get there. Cedric holds out the false hope that he may be re-united with his wife one day in the not to distant future, and asks that you not kill her if possible, but you need to know there may be no other way……..

Lance of The Dragon Maiden


For centuries the residents of Ilshenar have been plagued by dragons. To appease these mighty beasts they make an annual sacrifice of a tasty young maiden, as tradition requires. What they did not realise is that dragons have no craving for tender young maidens flesh, but much prefer cows, sheep and even the occasional melon (in season of course!).

Each year the dragons would release the maiden from her chains, and those that had not died of fright, were set free. The freed maidens were very reluctant to return to the people who had willingly left them as Dragon Snacks. Some joined the roving Gypsies in the area and some stayed in the protected area of the Lizard Passage, in the western mountains, and lived with the dragons. These maidens tended gardens for the dragons (making it much easier for them to have their favorite melons!) and enjoyed a life of relative ease & safety with their giant Defenders. The younger maidens all look to the oldest of the maidens, well past the blossom of girlhood, as their leader and have named her The Dragon Queen.

Their peace was shattered when one of the maidens who had joined the Gypsies was recognised by someone who lived in the village she was from. She, reluctantly, told the story of how the dragons did not eat the maidens but freed them and that many now lived there in the company of the dragons. The story spread, and most likely grew in the telling (as such tales oft do), to all the towns & cities. Many brave (or foolhardy) men sought to best the dragons and make a name for themselves by rescuing the maidens. Few made it past the drakes guarding the passage.

One brave Dragon Slayer, Gilen, took his glorious dragon slaying lance and went to free the maidens. Great was his strength and endless was his courage! He slew all the drakes and dragons between him and the maidens. The maidens, horrified at the slaughter of their beloved dragons, began to lament loudly. Hearing the wailing of the maidens, the Dragon Queen summoned her Wyrm Defender and attacked Gilen. Taken by complete surprise by the maiden's attack Gilen soon fell in battle. And the Queen claimed his lance as her prize.

Fearing future attacks might rob them of their lovely companions, the dragons now guard the maidens closely. All a maiden need do is utter the smallest cry of pain and her Defender is by her side and will fight until his death.

To this day the Dragon Queen still carries the Lance of the Dragon Slayer. She has said she will relinquish it only in death.

Little Shop of Horrors

Icon: Cunning
Difficulty: 3

The locals have been complaining of strange goings-on and frequent disappearances since the two sisters have set up shop in the outer city of Skara Brae in Trammel. The disappearances are circumspect because of their motto, "You'll just die to buy our goods." An agent of British's court has spied upon the shop, and says they are secretly selling contraband and black magic wares. They also appear to be performing rituals with the Cunning Icon, which was stolen from the Royal Treasury over 5 years ago. Put an end to this shop and recover the Icon.

The Lizard King

Icon: Summon Earth Elemental
Difficulty: 8

For countless centuries, the Icon of Summon Earth Elementals has been guarded by the benevolent, ageless Lizard King, monarch of the deserts of Trameml. Recently, however, the Lizard King has had a change of heart. Maddened by his own power and the many years he has lived and the atrocities he has witnessed, he has become selfish, vain, and evil. He is using the Icon and his own formidable powers to raise a small army and attack unsuspecting travellers and pilgrims to the Shrine of Compassion. We beseech you, stop this mad dragon and his army of reptile kind and take the Icon from him, that it may be turned over to saner hands!

Loki / Valhalla

Icons: Loki's Wand
Difficulty: 7

There be a great hall in the stars of the Viking Gods. This hall is Valhalla. In this hall, there be Odin, Thor, and Loki, the most horrible of all the Viking gods. If ye are brave and skilled enough, then know that in the lands of Malas across the great mountains east of Luna, and then across a bridge that will take you to the land where the Valkyrie roam you will find the secret entrance to this Great Hall in the Stars.

Lord Black's Keep

Icon: Explosion
Difficulty: 8

Lord Black is a well-known Krakken Lord and leader of many Krakken forces. He is most known for his attack on Lord Cromwell's castle several years ago, where he murdered all of his prisoners, then looted and burned the castle. Lord Cromwell had an Explosion Icon as a family heirloom, which is now believed to be in Lord Black's possession. It is said that Lord Black has been hiding within the Terathan Kingdom. Find his lair and rid the land of the evil Lord Black.


Icon: Create Food
Difficulty: 6

Tales abound of a mystical bridge west of Umbra in the Broken Mountains. No one understands why it is there, but many believe that the bridge has magical powers. Lord Gallowin, the holder of the Food Creation Icon, ventured there several seasons ago to solve the mystery of the bridge, but has never returned. Many believe that if you find the bridge, then you will also find a pale wolf, and it is he who will have the Gallowin Icon.

The Mad Alchemist
Icon: Mad Alchemist Flask
Difficulty: 6

In outer Moonglow, a very accomplished alchemist once lived. His business and his trade flourished until the vapors of his work rendered him insane. He spent his last remaining years paranoid and delusional, barricading himself inside his home with magic.His ghost is said to still roam the home business he loved so well. Find a way inside and free his spirit.

Mad Blacksmith's Mine

Icon: Dispel Field
Difficulty: 5

Yebold Rustbeard was once an accomplished blacksmith who lived in Umbra. That is, until he dug into a pocket of maddening vapors and killed all of his fellow miners. Yebold is said to now possess the strength of 10 men in his altered state, and is thus very dangerous. The desert mine that he guards was once the secret hiding place of the Dispel Field Icon. Find the mine, kill the Mad Blacksmith, and retrieve the Icon.

The Mad Centaur


Needs a Description

Malas Brigand Fort

Icon: Reactive Armor
Difficulty: 6

Brigands have assembled in force at an old fort south of Gravewater Lake. They have launched raids from their fort against all local highway traffic and caravans. They have also been accused of ambushing Lord Joril, who was carrying a Reactive Armor Icon at the time of the attack. Gather a party of heroes, destroy these brigands, and retrieve Joril's Icon.


Icon: Magic Arrow
Difficulty: 10

Mellifleur was once the most accomplished mage in all of Britannia. He was the only mage of this age that has been able to create any new spells or Spell Icons. However, he became twisted by the very magic he tried so hard to create. A tome of his work mentioned his desire to spend the afterlife in the Ancient Mage Guild. This guild is believed to be located in the ruins in somewhere to the far North of Malas. This vile monster is believed to have the Icon of one of his own spells, most likely Magic Arrow.

Mind Trap Prison

Icon: Lightning
Difficulty: 7

Long ago a great war was waged against the mighty Terathan kingdom. After many fierce and bloody battles, the Terathan armies were defeated and the Terathan Matriarch captured. The Great Mages of the day pooled their resources and created a special prison to hold the Matriarch deep within her former fortress, along with other evil creatures that had allied themselves to the Terathans. The Prison has held strong, but reports are that someone has smuggled the Lightning Icon to the Matriarch, which she plans on using to effect an escape and lead a new Terathan uprising. Someone must make their way through the prison, using the odd clues left by the mages until they reach the Matriarch. Defeat her, and reclaim the Lightning Icon before another vicious war breaks out.

The Gargoyles of Monsurat

Icon: Earthquake
Difficulty: 7

Fearing the risk of earthquakes upon the Coastal Cities, the Earthquake Icon was entrusted to Baron Balaros of the Castle Monsurat. The Baron's castle was guarded by powerful Gargoyles, whose loyalty the Baron trusted implicitly. Alas, while the Baron was away on Royal Business, the Gargoyles rebelled against him and seized the Earthquake Icon, fleeing to a hiding spot deep in the Lands. They are said to occupy the dungeon Wrong, and many fear they will use the Icon to unleash chaos on the land. They must be found and the Icon returned to Baron Balaros quickly!

Mordecai's Tragedy

Icon: Magic Untrap
Difficulty: 4

Mordecai was a young mage that lived in Haven. He met and fell in love with a blacksmith's daughter, Velma. All was well until her father found out about their love. In a fit of rage, he forbade his daughter to ever see Mordecai again. Then he betrothed her to the son of a blacksmith in Vesper and sent her to him. Fearing a life of loneliness, Mordecai wandered from Haven and leapt to his death from the cliffs. His friends from the mage guild erected a monument in his honor, and placed an icon of Magic Untrap beneath it. It is said that Velma often saw her beloved after his death. It is believed that she carved his final words on the bottom of Mordecai's tombstone within the graveyard in Haven before taking her own life. Find the tombstone, learn the words of Mordecai, then travel to small island directly south of New Haven…there you will find out the truth.


Icon: Harm
Difficulty: 10

Mortis the Mighty was once the head of a powerful Mages' Guild, whose primary purpose was guarding the Harm Icon. Mortis sought to use the terrible Icon as a tool to defend it against those who sought to bend it to their evil wills, while others in the guild felt it was best kept locked away from any and all. The Icon, they argued, corrupted those who held it. Mortis persisted despite the counsel of his colleagues, and took the Icon into his possession anyway. A horrific struggle broke out in the guild, as those opposed to Mortis' action attempted to take the Icon from him. Mortis fled the Guild, along with his supporters, and now hides away from view. The Icon has corrupted him and his followers completely, and he is now a greater threat than those he sought to keep the Icon from. Rumor has it he is held up in an abandoned bandit town far south of the Valor shrine across the river Pormir Felwis.


Icon: Poison
Difficulty: 8

The Land of Ilshenar once housed a powerful kingdom of Arachnid Kind, lead by the powerful Queen Spider Octavia. Queen Octavia weilded the powerful poison icon and ruled her kingdom with a hatred for any non arachnid kind. Her last uprising was quickly squashed by a band of dwarven warriors who quickly made their way to her Kingdom and leveled it beyond repair. Octavia, defeated and having to leave her kingdom to go in hiding, has been laying in wait til the day she can use the poison icon again and regain the greatness she once knew.It is rumored there is a cave in the lands of Ilshenar, riddled with arachnid kind. Find this cave and almost certainly you will find Octavia.

Odin / Valhalla

Icons: Odin's Thunderbolt
Difficulty: 7

There be a great hall in the stars of the Viking Gods. This hall is Valhalla. In this hall, there be Odin, Thor, and Loki, the most horrible of all the Viking gods. If ye are brave and skilled enough, then know that in the lands of Malas across the great mountains east of Luna, and then across a bridge that will take you to the land where the Valkyrie roam you will find the secret entrance to this Great Hall in the Stars.

Orc Raids

Icon: Weaken
Difficulty: 3

An Orc camp has recently been built close to Haven and has started capitalizing on the recent confusion of the island sinking. They have been launching raids on its patrons and hampering the rebuilding effort. In the last raid, the Orcs procured the Weaken Icon, which was in transport and is an heirloom to a wealthy Haven family. The family has posted a reward for the icon's safe return.
Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the Orcs heading North. Find the camp, dispatch the orcs, and retrieve the Icon heirloom.

The Sand Demon of the Barren Wastes

Icon: Mark
Difficulty: 7

Northeast of the Barren Wastes Oasis in one of the many sand dune valleys of the Wastes dwells the Sand Demon. This foul monster is said to possess extraordinary powers of magic and sheer physical strength. He is also said to possess the Mark Spell Icon, which he took from one of the many Ancient Wyrms that live nearby.

The Shapeshifter

Icon: Incognito
Difficulty: 6

Thraka-ma-Thul was the Head Professor of the Encyclopedia of Magika's school of magical arts some 100 years ago in Trammel. Thraka was well respected as one of Trinsic's finest Sorcerers and so had been charged with the honor and duty of guarding the Incognito Icon. However the day came when he could no longer resist experimenting with the Icon, and its powers of Incognito. He became more and more reclusive and eventually was forgotten by his brethren. Rumors have it he is held up in his hidden lair somewhere West of Trinsic.Locals swear they have seen him traveling the area around the outside of the city, obviously heading to and from his lair. Find his lair and gain possession of this Icon.

Abominable Snowman

Icon: Meteor Swarm
Difficulty: 5

This creature from antiquity and fable has once again been reported. This time, the huge beast with 4 inch fangs has found a home in a secluded region hidden within the northern mountains of Malas. A sighting that had been reported a century ago mentions it killing a scouting party that carried one of the Northern Icons. Venture through the crystals of Malas and find this monster's lair so that you might kill it, and return with an Icon and a story worthy of fable.

The Soul Reaper

Icon: SummonDaemon
Difficulty: 7

Hidden away in a Crypt, in the lost lands , many foul undead creatures can be found, but none so hideous as the Soul Reaper. This undead abomination is said to strip the very soul from its victims before throwing their bodies to his ravenous underlings. He is also said to possess strong magical powers and to have used them to warp the already corrupt magics of the Icon of Daemon Summoning. Few will go anywhere near this haunted crypt and attached buildings… to retrieve the Icon from this monster's lair one must be exceptionally brave or fearless from stupidity to brave the "City of the Dead".

Invisible Stairway to the Stars

Icon: Mind Blast
Difficulty: 7

When the Ethereal Warriors took possession of the Mind Blast Icon, they sought to protect it by building a Fortress in the Stars in order to hide it. Unfortunately, the Titans orchestrated a diversion, and while the Ethereal Warriors were engaged in battle elsewhere, the Titans seized control of the Fortress and moved the entrance far from the realm of the Ethereals. The Elder Titan now holds the Mind Blast Icon, and the way to his chamber is well guarded. The Stairway to the Heavenly Fortress has been spotted near the Minoc Moongate. Ascend the stairs, defeat the Titans, and restore the Icon to the Ethereals.

The Stone King's Mine

Icon: Greater Heal
Difficulty: 6

In the rambling caves of Covetous, you will find the mighty Stone King. Reliable sources report that this powerful king hides from the proper owner of the Greater Heal Icon.

Swamp Thing

Icon: Mass Curse
Difficulty: 4

Somewhere in the swamp south of Destard is a monstrous creature. A Druid coven residing in the area were performing experiments in plant growth. Their experiments went awry and took a life of their own. The head Druid-priest has reported that one of their acolytes fell prey to the swamp creature while holding their Icon to one of the secret holy grounds. Find this creature and bring back the Icon that it holds.

Lure of the Swamp Witches

Icon: Clumsy
Difficulty: 4

A coven of evil hags has set up camp in the fiery swamps north of Papua. Rumor has it that they are using a spell Icon to enhance their dark magics while performing gruesome experiments on captured townsfolk. The Governor has declared that this abomination cannot be tolerated! Find these despicable hags and restore the Clumsy Icon into the hands of the townsfolk.

The Terathan Queen's Lair

Icon: Energy Bolt
Difficulty: 7

Somewhere in the Terathan Keep is the nest of the Terathan Queen. Few that have ventured near have lived to tell the tale. It is said that this Queen rules a huge hive of the horrible Terathans, and that they pay her a goddess-like tribute of devotion. The long missing, powerful Icon of Energy Bolt is now believed to have been delivered to her by a group of her followers, who murdered the Icon's proper guardian. Search the keep to find the Queen's lair.

The Boogie Man

Icon: Energy Field
Difficulty: 3

Deep underground lives a creature of every child's nightmare: The Boogie Man. This creature has long been in hiding due to its having intimidated the young daughter of one of Britain's noble houses into giving it the family Icon. It seems that the creature resides in a small, dark cave in the mountain ranges near Covetous Dungeon.
The head of the noble family has demanded the icon's return. Beware, for there is danger around every corner.

The Evil Fortune Teller


Years ago the Gypsy Maiden Kadira left her home in Mistas to serve the Greatest Fortune Teller in all the lands. While in her service she learned many of the fortune teller's secrets. Her greatest secret was that of her crystal ball! Her crystal ball was never wrong and always showed the good that would befall those who paid the Fortune Teller her outrageous fees.

Kadira became jealous of the wealth of the older woman and sought great wealth of her own. She was sure the means of great wealth was the crystal ball. One evening as she made the old woman's cup of tea she slipped in a powerful sleeping potion. While the old woman slept she stole away with the crystal ball and returned to her family in Mistas.

When the old woman awoke she knew immediately what had happened and where Kadira had gone. She followed Kadira to Mistas where the entire city was celebrating their good fortune at having such a treasure in their city.

That day the old woman pronounced a curse upon all of Mistas & the cystal ball itself. From that day forward no good would befall the people of Mistas and the crystal ball would be forever cursed.

The townspeople drove Kadira, with her cursed crystal ball out of the city. But it was too late for them and they all died and continue to haunt the area.

Kadira fled north and now resides amongst the witches in their hidden glen waiting in vain for the curses to be lifted.

Thor / Valhalla

Icons: Thor's Hammer
Difficulty: 7

There be a great hall in the stars of the Viking Gods. This hall is Valhalla. In this hall, there be Odin, Thor, and Loki, the most horrible of all the Viking gods. If ye are brave and skilled enough, then know that in the lands of Malas across the great mountains east of Luna, and then across a bridge that will take you to the land where the Valkyrie roam you will find the secret entrance to this Great Hall in the Stars.

Tiamat, Dragon Matriarch

Icon: Energy Vortex
Difficulty: 9

A lone surviving fisherman returned from a coastal trolling expedition telling a story about a group of dragons on an island somewhere southeast of Britain in Trammel. He said that the dragons were all huge and seemed to be protecting a dragoness the color of Mytheril. This dragoness sounds very much like Tiamat, the Matriarch of all Dragons. If it is Tiamat she is known to have at least one Icon in her possession. Defeating her will be very difficult indeed, take heed and be ready for a dangerous battle.

The Tongue of Golden Fire

Icon: Fire Field
Difficulty: 10

Troubling reports indicate that a strange new cult has sprung up recently. An off-shoot of the Pyromancer's Guild which makes their home in Trammel's Fire Dungeon, this cult apparently worships a minor demon who possesses the fearsome Fire Field Icon. Calling themselves The Tongue of Golden Fire, this group of pyromaniacs has left the Fire Dungeon and found themselves a home even hotter than their previous one. Only those brave enough to step into the fire will be able to reach their compound. Find the cult and wrest the Icon from their leader and you shall be rewarded!

Trinsic Highwaymen

Icon: Agility
Difficulty: 4

Rough men are attacking passers-by near the passage of Yew in Trammel . They seem to have staked a camp in the fort along the road. No one knows why they are attacking people, as they take very little from the victim's bodies. One thing they are known for taking is the Agility Icon, which they took from the body of Telena the Ranger. A declaration from Yew's Mayor has been put out to stop these highwaymen by force and retrieve Telena's Icon.

Troll Bridge

Icon: Paralyze Field
Difficulty: 3

A very large Troll has taken up residence on a bridge West of Papua. He has been disrupting trade and attacks anything that approaches the bridge. Last week, Sir Knarvin was headed out West along the highway to take care of the threat and has not been heard from since. Sir Knarvin was in possession of the Paralyze Field Icon at the time of his disappearance. Investigate the bridge. If you see the troll, kill it and see if he has Sir Knarvin's Icon.

Two Ton Ogre

Icon: Chain Lightning
Difficulty: 4

The squire of the good Sir Frennath reported that a huge ogre killed his master last month, somwhere in the wilds East of Luna. The Grand-Mage of Luna was furious when she discovered that Frennath had her Icon with him at the time of his death. The friends and family of this lost hero ask that the Ogre be kill so Sir Frennath can rest in peace and that the Icon be retrieved and returned to the Grand Mage.

Unknown Hero

Icon: Telekinesis
Difficulty: 4

A mysterious warrior appeared on a battlefield between the British Royal Army and a horde of demons. The warrior fought his way through the demons and singlehandedly beheaded their commander, thus winning the day for Britain. The Captain General bestowed the Telekinesis Icon as commendation for his heroic effort. The warrior refused to give his name and headed back of into the wilds. Over the years, he appeared at several battles, always helping turn the tide and perform heroic acts. In one fateful battle, an errant arrow, or perhaps a turncoat's arrow, took the unknown hero in the back. He was buried on the field, but no one knew how to mark the tombstone. They placed his Yew Bark Tunic that he always wore atop the tomb, and placed a keeping spell on it.

It is said his ghost still stands guard to protect those traveling the roads to and from Britain, but lately he has become hostile. The icon has most likely become corrupt. Investigate the tomb and recover the icon. Follow the eastern most road out of the city, almost to the swamps to find the tomb and site of the old battle.

Wasteland Orc Fort

Icon: Summon Creature
Difficulty: 6

South of the North Mines passage there is fortress of Orcs. The army of Orcs that occupy the fort have now adopted a new leader, an Ogre Lord named Lunklug. He is suspected of being the same Ogre Lord that has roamed the lands east of Delucia attacking all humans that he came across. The victims may have included Ramael OryLyn, the visiting high-mage from Moonglow, who disappeared last fall along with his Creature Summoning Icon. Kill Lunklug, and see if he has the Icon.

House of Xaniar

Icon: Magic Unlock
Difficulty: 7

Xaniar was once one of the most trusted mages in the realm, and was assigned to guard the Unlock Icon. Long sought after by both the Thieves' and the Assassins' Guilds, the Unlock Icon would have enable these unsavory elements nearly unrestricted access to otherwise secured locations. Once the Guilds learned that Xaniar held the Icon in his possession, they launched many efforts to take it from him. With each one, Xaniar's devotion to guarding the Icon slipped deeper and deeper into obsession. He created a doorless house floating in the air, and summoned various undead guardians to defend the access to it. His obsession has crossed into madness, and the Lords of the Realm have decreed that the Icon must be retrieved and placed again into trustworthy hands. Find Xaniar's House in the Land of Malas, on a peninsula above the Northern Crags.

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