Ice Tram
Located west of Wrong, the ice dungeon has been over run by frost elves seeking refuge from a new alliance within their lands. Frost elves have been known to carry among them a generous amount of gold, but don't let that fool you, frost elves are extremely nimble! Boasting exceptional mythril armor one would be wise to sharpen their blades before entering such a place by themselves.

The dungeon contains 2 basements, one of which that leads to a training area and another where the frost king and queen reside with their treasures.

They've also been known to be herding together a massive force of wyrms, ogres, golems, and most dangerous of all.. the terrifying ancient polar wyrm! Be weary of this dangerous beast as it's been known to possess exceptional stealth abilities and the strength of 5 wyrms combined! If you were able to slain this beast though you'd undoubtedly be handomely rewarded for your efforts!

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