Hunting Guide

Ok so you are all trained up, or at least you think you are, keep in mind that preparing to hunt is not just getting skills high… it's also getting the right equipment and using the right macros…

In any case I'll break down hunting as a progression on Oblivion… this guide is not meant for bards or tamers… it's a guide take it or leave it! but for players starting out or wanting to get an idea on dungeon difficulty hopefully this helps!

Phase 1 - Hunting
New Player Dungeon… regardless of what type of hunter you want to be this is where you want to start… there is a gate for it in the main travel hub and you'll want to hang out here until you meet 3 of the following requirements:

strength/int/dex all above 65
strength/dex above 75
dex/int above 75
magery, meditation, eval int above 65
tactics and weapon skill above 70
healing/anatomy above 70
necro/sprit speak above 65
chiv above 60
You can defeat the boss of the new player dungeon

Phase 2 - Orc Dungeon
This is a great place to hone up on your skills; it's a little more hectic than the new player dungeon and it's a good measure to see if you are ready to venture out of the safety that is the travel hub/vesper… to move past this phase you should meet 2 of the following criterias:

any stat above 90
tactics above 80
magery above 75
necro above 75
you can defeat the Orc Brute at the end of the dungeon by yourself

Phase 3 - entry level dungeons
Before you partake on this step of hunting I recommend that you have a mount and that you have a runebook with the capability to recall/sacred journey… it wouldn't hurt to pick up some self marking runes or mark scrolls… or have the ability to mark.

Good entry level dungeons would be the first levels of the easier trammel dungeons (see dungeons on the left hand side)… an easy one to find is Covetus… it's a good dungeon to start out at… and it's a quick run from Vesper Bank! Just head due West towards the mountains; it's up there! The good entry level trammel dungeons are Covetus, Deceit, Shame or Wrong…

There are other places to hunt but these are a nice step up in difficulty from the orc dungeon… before I moved on to other dungeons I would be comfortable in each of these dungeons…

Phase 4 - slightly harder
By the time you get to these dungeons I recommend that you have 2 of the following criteria:

- magery of 90
- necro/ss of 90
- tactics of 90
- healing/anat at 90

From here I'd look at dungeons like Destard, Despise, and Hythloth… some of the other dungeons like Fire, Ice, Solen Hives, even the first 2 levels of Poison might be a good place to get some hunting training in…. Champion spawns in large groups i.e. more than 5 would also be a fun challenge for this hunting phase

Phase 5 - Difficult Dungeons

By now you should be GM in a lot of your skills… if you are a mage meditation, eval int should be gm with magery close behind… a warrior should have tactics/weapon skill at gm or close to it with support skills like necro/chiv/bushido/parry being in the 90-100 range… you should also be able to heal yourself quickly and effectively (as well as have the ability to cure poison with ease)… if you don't have those things you will have a hard time in these dungeons… you should also have reached your stat cap and should have at least 100 hitpoints…

If you can say that you have met, more or less, the criteria above than you should venture towards places like:

Blood Island
Roam around Ilshenar fighting whatever you can find
Ankh Dungeon (be careful of the bosses though)
Fan Dancer Dojo
Champion Spawns in groups of 5

You should also be able to do the lower levels of the trammel dungeons i.e. bottom levels of Covetus/Despise/Destard would be a good measure…

If you can comfortably tackle these areas you are ready for the Phase 6 dungeons

Phase 6 -
By now your build should be pretty much done except for the last few skill points here and there.. i.e. total skill points should be 900+… You should be able to kill things like Lich Lords, Dragons, Demons and Ogre Lords easily… you should be able to kill things like Balrons, Ancient Liches, Shadow Wyrms, and Blood Island Warriors on your own…

If you can do these things you'll want to try your hand at dungeons like:

Yomotsu Mines
Wisp Dungeon
Champion Spawns - in groups of 3

Granted these dungeons will still be tricky (especially bosses and paragon creatures) but these are some of the elite dungeons….

Phase 7 -

These dungeons are very tricky… I recommend them only to groups or to people that can handle the Phase 6 dungeons on their own….

Any dungeon in Felucca - be careful of Player killers here… but some of these dungeons/areas in Felucca are great hunting… there are lots of hard monsters all over Felucca and it can be a great hunting area.. but again be warned of player killers and make sure you are comfortable with Phase 6 dungeons first… (when I say comfortable I don't mean you should be able to clear it out in like 10 minutes, you should not die often and be able to hunt there on your own at a decent pace)

Pit of Despair
Rock Dungeon
Vampire Dungeon
Wind Dungeon
Doom Gauntlet
Bosses in Ankh/Vampire dungeon

There you have it… a quit progression on where you should hunt… if you follow this guide you shouldn't run out of places to hunt and things should be in your difficulty range…. that being said it's a guide! there are WAY more places to hunt than just these places but it should get you started…

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