GM Misc. Services

Game Masters provide several services for the players in exchange of Virtue Stones, gold or other items. Just page and a GM will help you!
This is a list of such services with their cost.

Item combining:

To help reduce the item count we will be combining uses on the following at the request:

Runic hammers
Runic sewing kits
Gargoyle's pickaxes
Prospector's tools
Fair dye tubs
Qualnost planes
Sturdy picks
Sturdy shovels
Bags of sending
Powder of fortification

Items in this list only can be combined. Please have them in a bag so the staff member can easily check them and add them up. Any items that can be crafted will not be combined.

Oblivion Tokens:

Empty FAIR dye tubs can be traded for 1 Oblivion Token.

10 Power Scrolls can be traded in for 1 Oblivion Token.

Minor Artifacts may be traded in for 1 Oblivion Token

Sex changes:

You may have a sex change, limited to once per character for 50k. If your name does not suit your sex (Such as if you was changed to a female and your name is Bill) you may have it changed also.

12 Month Vet Robes:

For 100k gold you may have it changed from a robe into either a plain dress or fancy dress.
Edit: This includes other robes such as race robes.

Item coloring:

Weapons/Armors including artifacts may be changed back to their original colors for the cost of a coloring deed (half a virtue stone).

Crafted furniture only may be dyed for 1k each, normal dye tub colors only.

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