GM Deco

All items listed can be purchased from a Game Master. To obtain these items simply use the page system, in-game requesting assistance with purchasable deco. If you are in-game and want a close up view of the deco, you can also visit the Deco Store by entering the gate in the Oblivion Travel Hub.


You may have up to 3 trees total. To be placed outside of your house they must be in a yard. All trees are 50k each. The following types are available:

  • Cherry
  • Plum
  • Coconut palm
  • Tuscany Pine
  • Willow
  • Oak
  • Pear*
  • Apple*
  • Peach*
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • O'hii
  • Cedar

*Please note that trees do not bear fruit.

Tree stumps are available for 25k with or with out axe in it.

10kTrees.jpg TokunoTrees.jpg

All plants are 10k each, the following are available:

  • Hops
  • Bamboo
  • Foxglove
  • Small Mushrooms
  • Orfluer
  • Fan Plant
  • Cactus with flower
  • Corn Stalk
  • Juniper Bush
  • Sapling
  • Spider Tree
  • Lillypads
  • Cattails


Yards are subject to particular rules:

  • No buyback
  • No moving
  • No blocking
  • You may fence in forest area, but it will take away from your 3 tree limit.
  • No fencing of spawns (and no spawns are to be moved)
  • 3 spaces between fencing and another players house
  • You must be able to travel freely around the house and yard. There must be at least 1 tile between an impassable object for example, 1 tile away from the side of a mountain.

You can have two yards.
The first yard can not be longer then 8 tiles away from the house wall, meaning 9 pieces of fence. This first yard may be either a front(south) yard or side(east) yard. An additional second yard can be created but it can only extend 4 tiles away from the house wall, meaning 5 fence pieces.

For added security, instead of having gates on your fence we will allow you to have locked down no more than two stair pieces on the side of your home. Doors that lead out of your home are part of the home system to allow you to secure them.

Important information on yard safety:

Yards are NOT "secure". Fences can be shot through, cast through, teleported over, etc., so pets left in the yard are vulnerable. Yard deco will be strictly ornamental except for items like anvils, forges, etc. No locking down containers in yards for players to access since we cannot guarantee the security of the chest.

If a GM finds a place where a house is backed up too close to another house's yard, it's going to be because the front house was placed after the yard was installed, and the owner of that house will be warned to move their house the required distance, or it will be removed for them. We are not going to force someone who has already paid for and had a legal yard installed remove part of it so a new house can be placed for someone else.

All fence pieces are 15k each and available in the following styles:

  • Tall Iron
  • Short Iron
  • Light wooden fence
  • X style wooden fence
  • 3 cross bar wooden fence
  • Short hedge
  • Tall Hedge

Carpets.jpg WaterTiles.jpg

A Game Master can help build and design carpets and ponds to your specifications. Water tiles must be locked down by a Game Master.

Water tiles are available for 5k per non-animated tile, or 15k per animated tile.
Waterfalls are available for 15k per non-animated tile, or 45k per animated tile.
Waves are available for 10k per tile.

Carpets and carpet edging are available for 2.5k per tile


Curtains are available for 10k each in the following styles:

  • Long white
  • Long red
  • Small white
  • Small red
  • Medium white


All fireplaces sold are available in South and East Facing in both brick and sandstone versions for 50k each.

Fire places are tall and may appear through the upper floor of your home. You may be required to change your home slightly to accommodate the fireplaces or use deco to cover it up.


Fountains are available in both marble and sandstone for 50k each.


Display cases are sold facing North to South and East to West for 10k per section. Pricing includes top and bottom pieces.


Various books are available for 10k each. Bookcases are available for 10k for normal, 25k for broken.

Platform.jpg Stairs.jpg
Item Price
Platform Pieces 5k each
Stairs 10k each
Ladders 10k each


All bedding can be dyed by a GM with a regular dye tub for 1k per section. No monthly hues or v-stone colors allowed

Bedding Type Price
Hammock 25k each
Unmade Bed 50k each


Guillotines can be bought facing west or south.

Item Price
Guillotine 75k each
Iron Maiden 100k each
Gravestones 10k each
Grave dirt 10k each
Shackles 15k each

Candle Type Price
Candles 5k each
Braziers 10k each

Item Price
Cannon 50k each
Cannon Balls 10k each stack
Peg Board 10k each
Tall Hitching Post 10k each
Short Hitching Post 10k each
Small Pedestal 10k each
Bar 5k per section
Logs 10k each


Walls and doors are available for static homes for 10k per piece only in the style that is currently in the home.


A teleporter may be purchased at the cost of 5k. These are only available for deeded or static homes. These are usually invisible to the player unless requested otherwise.


Deco items (ie: Items that are not usable or wearable by the player) can be dyed at a cost of 5k. You may only use standard dye tub colours. A Game Master can provide you with a dye tub to help you find the correct colour you require.
Guildstones may be dyed at the cost of 10k.
Some wearable items such as lanterns can be set to deco so they may be dyed. Items changed in this way will not be wearable or usable and will not be changed back.


A Game Master can build a bridge between two yards if the two home owners wish it. Bridges can only be placed if the two yards are no more then 1 tile apart, and must be built so that a player may walk under them to get by.A bridge can be no longer than four tiles long.
Bridges will come at a cost of 5k per piece used.

All prices and items are correct at the time of writing. Items on this list will not be made craftable
Last update: 8/17/2010

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