Getting Hit

With the recent posts about parry and 80 Dex in the character build forum I figured I'd make a quick post about parry, blocking and all that jazz. I'll say it now and reiterate it at the end "It doesn't matter how much damage you can potentially do if you can never hit your opponent! In the same breath not getting hit is the best way to stay alive."

Chance to Block an attack (taken from stratics)

Blocking with a shield:
% Chance = (Parrying - Bushido) / 4 (If less than 0, the chance is 0)
(Add 5% if Parrying or Bushido skill is 100 or above)
Blocking with a 1-handed weapon (without a shield):
New = (Parrying * 10) * (Bushido * 10) / 48000 (Add 5% if Parrying or Bushido skill is 100 or above)
Legacy = (Parrying * 10) / 80 (Add 5% if Parrying skill if 100 or above)
% Chance = Whichever is highest of the New and the Legacy formula.

Blocking with a 2-handed weapon:
New = (Parrying * 10) * (Bushido * 10) / 41140 (Add 5% if Parrying or Bushido skill is 100 or above)
Legacy = (Parrying * 10) / 80 (Add 5% if Parrying skill if 100 or above)
% Chance = Whichever is highest of the New and the Legacy formula.

Dexterity Modifier if dex is less than 80: (80 - Dexterity) / 100 (If Dexterity is higher than 80, the modifier is 0)
Final % Chance of blocking = Base Chance * (1 - Dexterity Modifier)

What this means? Here are some facts for everyone based on the above information:

- If you have less than 80 dex and parrying you will suffer a penalty - at 80 dex and GM Parry you have 30% chance to parry- that percent goes down (about 1% every 5 dex)
- GM parry gives you a 5% bonus - this is one of the skills that doesn't work as well at 99.9 - get it to 100 if you are going to use it
- If you use Bushido it makes a shield less effective
- GM Parry gives you a 30% chance to block, 120 parry = 35% chance to block, 110 parry = 32% chance to block
- GM parry and GM bushido = 5% chance to block with shield, 25% with 1 handed weapon, 29% with 2 handed weapon
- Legendary parry with legendary bushido = 5% chance to block with shield, 35% with 1h weapon, 40% with 2 h weapon

Chance to Dodge (taken from Stratics)

It should be noted that Dodge and Parry work independent of each other. You only have to worry about parrying (blocking) attacks that you don't dodge.

Here is the formula for the chance for dodging an attack.

FORMULA: Hit Chance% = ( ( [Attacker's Combat Ability + 20] * [100% + Attacker's Hit Chance Increase] ) divided by
( [Defender's Combat Ability + 20] * [100% + Defender's Defense Chance Increase] * 2 ) ) * 100
Minimum hit Chance% is 2% at all times.
(See 'chance to block an attack' below for Final Hit Chance%)

Here is the table - all weapon skills count as combat ability i.e. fencing, swords, macefighting, archery, and wrestling (As well as the note below)
Attacker's Combat Ability Defender's Combat Ability
5 25 50 75 100 120
5 50% 28% 18% 13% 10% 9%
25 90% 50% 32% 24% 19% 16%
50 100% 78% 50% 37% 29% 25%
75 100% 100% 68% 50% 40% 34%
100 100% 100% 85% 63% 50% 43%
120 100% 100% 100% 74% 58% 50%

Note below
It should also be noted that there is an additional formula for mages that uses evaluating intelligence and anatomy as a substitute for a weapon skill (for chance to defend).

(anatomy + evaluating intelligence + 20 /2 = combat ability for defence) i.e. 100 anatomy + 100 evaluating intelligence + 20 = 110 combat skill - having a combination of 220 total skill points in evaluating intelligence and anatomy will give you the same combat skill (for defensive purposes) as 120 in a normal combat skill.

Defense Chance Increase, Hit Chance Increase, Hit Lower Attack, Hit Lower Defend - the other factors

These modifiers also have an impact in how you get hit. Defense chance increase directly impacts the odds of you dodging an attack (it has nothing to do with parrying/blocking an attack)

Defense chance increase is capped at 45% (you can go above 45% but will not be considered in any calculation EXCEPT against Hit Lower Defend more on that in a minute)
DCI = defense chance increase - it is directly added to your base chance to evade an attack.

For example if you and your attacker both of 100 combat skill your base chance to dodge is 50% (based on the above calculation) if you have the max DCI of 45% your chance to dodge would be 50% X 1.45 or about 72%.

Conversely if you have HCI (hit chance increase) of 45 in the same scenario you both have 100 in a combat skill your base chance to hit (or be missed) would be 50% with 45% HCI in the attack you would only have a 38% chance to dodge the attack (instead of 50%).

HCI and DCI work to cancel each other out i.e. if all parties have 100 combat skill and the attacker has 45 HCI and the defender has 45 DCI the base chance to hit/dodge goes back to 50%

This is why it can be important to have more than the capped 45% of HCI and DCI. If you have HCI of 90% and the opponent as a DCI of 45%- it would work as HCI 90% - DCI 45% leaving 45% for HCI which would mean that the attacker would receive the benefit of the max HCI of 45%. The same works in the other direction DCI of 90% against HCI 45% would have DCI work at the cap of 45%.

Another important note is that for every differential in 10 combat skill the chance to hit/dodge increases by ~4%. i.e. 100 combat skill versus 90 combat skill would be 56% chance to hit versus 44% chance to dodge. 120 combat skill versus 100 combat skill would be 58% chance to hit 42% chance to doge (then the HCI and DCI modifier would be applied)

Now for Hit Lower Attack and Hit Lower Defence

These properties - hit lower attack (HLA) and hit lower defence (HLD) range from 2-50% on weapons. At 50% this means that you have a 50% chance to have the effect of HLA or HLD on the opponent.

Hit lower attack causes your opponent to effectively have HCI of - 25%
Hit lower defend causes your opponent to effectively have DCI of -25%
These effects last 8 seconds but are reset with every successful hit. So with a fast HLA or HLD weapon you can keep your opponent at a 25% penalty one way or the other

HLA and HLD bonuses work over and above HCI and DCI - so if you have HCI of 45% and you hit your opponent with HLD your opponent would get DCI of -25%.
This would mean that instead of a 72% chance to hit you would have a 96% chance to hit! If your combat skill is 110 or more you would have a 100% chance to hit.

This shows that HLA, HLD, HCI and DCI can be very important in this game.

It doesn't matter how much damage you can potentially do if you can never hit your opponent! In the same breath not getting hit is the best way to stay alive.

Imagine this - 120 combat skill + 45% DCI means you are only getting hit 34% of the time - throw in legendary parry and you are blocking 35% of the attacks that do get through.
That means you would only get hit by 65% of the 34% of the attacks that get through or 22.1% of the time.

Getting hit only 22% of the time means that ~4 out of every 5 attacks won't hurt you - that's a great way to stay alive

Add HLA to the equation and all of the sudden you are only getting hit 25% of the time and then blocking 35% of the ones that do. Meaning you will only get hit 16.25% of the time (about 5 of every 6 attacks will not hurt you)

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