Getting Cool Stuff On Oblivion

Getting Cool Stuff

So you've read my tutorial up to now… it's long but I hope it's helping… here is a quick few points to getting cool stuff!
There is lots more to OB than just this guide as well! Get out there and explore you'll be amazed at the things you can find!

Champion spawns - these are spawns that show up in dedicated locations that churn out hundreds of monsters… if you kill them all (you'll need a group) you get to fight a boss… who will drop powerscrolls and maybe a rare item (champion artifact see uo stratics for artifact detail)… powerscrolls are used to bring your upper limit for some skills above 100… having 120 tactics or 120 magery can help you a ton! same with 120 eval int or 120 anat or 120 spirit speak… they are hard to get and come as 110, 115, or 120… they have a great market in the player economy here meaning if you get one you can sell it for money! 120's can sell for millions if you get the right ones… some skills like provocation aren't desire.. but if you get a 120 magery you're sitting on a pot of gold! or use it yourself! There are several champion spawns all over! To get started follow the rune markings in Haven SW to get to the quickest one!

Minor Artifacts - these drop randomly on paragon creatures (yellow tougher versions of the monster) in Ilsh… which is an area you can get to by a moongate… if you run west and a little north from vesper bank you'll find a regular moongate (i.e. not part of the hub system)… check out Ilshenar and choose one of the shrines… look for the yellow guys and good luck! They are tougher monsters and not recommended for players who haven't got their skills up to at least the 90+ range… but minor artifacts are good… some of them are very desired… i.e. gloves of the puglist and heart of the lion… those 2 items can take you up a level as a warrior with the dex, DCI and dmg bonuses!

Tokuno Artifacts - These are now dropping in Tokuno! They are based on kill count! The more monsters you kill the better your chance of having one drop! These artifacts can be traded in for greater artifacts as well!

Major Artifacts - you'll need to go to Doom… which is a dungeon south of the PvP arena (a gate in the hub) be warned it's in Felucca so you're in PvP territory… in Doom you'll need to do a little mini quest in there to get yourself to where the bosses spawn… you also need to collect doom tokens to summon the bosses (these drop on monsters and in loot chests and sell for 20-40k each!) … doom bosses drop major artifacts… which are some of the most desirable items in the game! They rarely drop but when they do you'll find no shortage of buyers if you opt not to use the great item for yourself!

Moonlight Artifacts - collect all 9 pieces of the penta piece in Ilsh (they drop randomly there)… then buy a moonlight bag and check out the recipes page on the Oblivion Wiki (search for moonlight artifacts)… follow the instructions there to make some unbelievable jewelry… some of this stuff rivals majors… you can get some great earrings, bracelets, rings here… you'll want to get these asap and then find some dwarvern jewel enhance kits to make them better! read about the kits on the Oblivion Wiki for more information

Runebooks- buy them or make them with inscription… get a mage or self marking runes and mark your favorite hunting spots/friends houses/useful/neat spots and put them in the books! If you don't have a runebook you're putting yourself at a disadvantage…. you can only get to so many places from the hub!

Talisman quests! - read about them on the wiki… some of them are very useful! demon blade, water elemental, dwarvern jewel

Loot chests - these things drop randomly… you bring them to Haven (gate from the hub just south of vesper gate) and go int he house just west of where you come out… there is a locksmith there who will open these for 10k a pop… it's like a lottery… sometimes you get scrolls to boost skills, virtue stones, doom tokens, aquariums… usually you get nadda but the good things will keep you coming back…

Icon Quests - check out the quest hall gate in the hub… there are a bunch of quests to keep you busy… each completed quest gives you a virtue stone… you'll need those to get some customization things (see the color room west of the vesper gate in the hub)… you can start decking out in cool colors and whatnot this way!

Veteran Rewards - you'll see the older players running around on crazy mounts with some other great things! you get these by devoting your time to this great shard! it really is great! stick around and earn them!

BODS- crafting is a pain… but the runic hammers/sewing kits are needed to make great armor/weapons… read stratics to learn more about them or tower of roses for more info… players will sell stuff to but if you want the greatest stuff you'll likely have to make it yourself! or have really good luck in Doom! Smith Bods Tailor Bods

Luck - the higher the luck the more likely you are to get an artifact or good loot….

Hunt Harder Monsters - the harder the monster is the better loot it will have… you aren't going to get amazing weapon drops off a mongbat I promise… Balrons, Ancient Liches, Ancient Wyrms are good start! Just keep in mind that there are hard monsters out there… it'll take some time before you can take them out yourself…some monsters you may never be able to take out yourself!

Blood/Vampire/Wind/Poison/Rock Dungeons- these are harder areas to hunt that can yield Oblivion Artifacts and some great items… I HIGHLY recommend every one once you get good enough… Oblivion Wiki can put you in the right direction to finding them… or ask someone at Vesper bank! you can get great stuff at these dungeons… some more than others but you'll see as you explore!
- Explore Dungeons on the menu to the left in the Wiki to get more information!-

Inscription + high eval int + high magery = the chance to make great spellbooks… if you are a mage you need slayer spellbooks. period. period.

Events/Pits are great to attend- you can get GM rares, virtue stones, regs and cash! if you are starting out they are a great way to meet people and get a leg up!

Making Gold - you need gold… there are no quick ways to get rich on OB; unless you are very luck and get minor/major drops very early on! Here are some tips on money making: 1. hunt hard monsters… hard monsters drop 1000-2000 gold each 2. collect gems. these have a decent after market and sell to NPC's for a decent buck collecting gems can be an extra 5k on an hour hunt if you hunting the hard monsters 3. make a crafter; check out player vendors and see what is selling for a decent buck vampire crafts/dwarvern jewel kits are a good place to start 4. Collect Bods and sell them to crafters! 5. Fill Bods and get bless deeds/POF's and runics! 6. Do Champ Spawns and sell power scrolls 7. attend gm events/pits to get GM Rares! these things do nothing but go up in value over time! 8. collect regs and sell em! especially black pearl, nightshade and bat wings! 9. make scrolls sell em 10. sell bottles! 11. become a miner and sell Devils Bane Ingots and Iron ingots (also Dull copper and gold) 12. make spellbooks and sell the good ones! 13. hunt in Ilsh to get minors and penta pieces to sell! pentas are 15-20k each and minors range from 5k to 450k! 14. win the lottery (don't try this you'll end up poor)

Buying a house - you need a house placement tool! buy one from an architect! you can have 2 houses!

This ends my tutorial for now! I didn't cover taming or musicianship! I can't say this enough but read UO Stratics… if you want to be good at this game you need to understand it… there are a lot of variables… the more you know the better off you'll be…

Enjoy your time here and when in doubt go to Vesper and ask questions or post in the forum! Hopefully this gets you started on the right track! Make macros, train, make macros, train, read uo stratics, ask questions on the forum, train, ask questions on the forum, make better macros, train, read uo stratics… follow that mantra and you'll do just fine!

Best of luck


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