February 2010 Change Log

02/26 UPDATE

  • Added EventMarathonToken for the event marathon
  • Added [addtobank command

02/20 UPDATE

  • Fixed Pet storage gem… for real this time. You can now actually use it!(sorry)
  • Added additional checks to the event gate system just to be extra safe.
  • Fixed a bug where the AlwaysAllowPass option on NakedOnlyGates would put stuff in your pack when it let you go through.

02/19 UPDATE

  • Capture point added. This will be used in events.
  • Event hub gate added, this will make running events easier on GMs and finding events easier for players.
  • [OpenEvent and [CloseEvent added for GMs to be able to use the system.
  • Newbie Codex and Rules book updated with current information.
  • Pet storage gem will now work from bags inside your pack.
  • New monsters added for Animata's dungeon. Wait for the dungeon unveiling for more information.
  • Save gump can no longer be closed until the save is over.

02/01 UPDATE

  • [EnableFFA command to easily change teams for everyone wearing an event robe
  • [DoAction BandageSelf will now use bandages if you are poisoned or bleeding instead of telling you that you don't need healing.
  • Spawner issues hopefully fixed.
  • Fighting into and out of houses re-enabled in Felucca.
  • You can no longer summon a pet from a pet storage gem if it is not in your pack any more.
  • Dungeon Chests will no longer decay if they are locked.
  • House linking telepads will now display the name of the house they are linked to as well as the owner of the house instead of just the owner.
  • Chain Lightning and Meteor Swarm now require LOS for all targets
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