Dynamic Quests

Dynamic Quests: They generally take the form of a trade quest, exchanging a number of a certain item for a reward.

Storage Related

50x90-1.jpg Druidic Rune Bag
10,000 GP for a Bag to keep your Runes of Power in
Currently not Implemented.
(Ariskal The Druid in Vesper)
ignacio.jpg Gem Bag
150 diamonds for a Bag to keep your gems in
(Ignacio The Gem Polisher in Vesper)
(Also was GM Festers 2009 Christmas Present in Fester's hue)
thalassa.jpg SeedBox
1,000 Fertile Dirt for a SeedBox
(Thalassa The Assistant in Britain)
(Also was a 2007 or 2008? Christmas Gift from GM Solonor in Solonor's hue)
earl.jpg Tool Chest
25,000 Trashite for a Tool Chest
(Earl The Tinker at the Travel Hub from Vesper)
virtue.jpg Granite Storage Box
Travel Hub - See Virtue Stone Purchasable (under Items)
trashite.jpg Virtue Stone Storage Book
Travel Hub - See Trashite and/or Virtue Stone Purchasable (under Items)

Resource Exchange

valandil.jpg Bolts for Arrows
2000 bolts for 2000 arrows
(Valandil Saralonde The Fletcher in Vesper)
sarandil.jpg Arrows for Bolts
2000 arrows for 2000 bolts
(Salandil Varalonde The Fletcher in Vesper)
franklin.jpg Franklins' Revenge
1000 Zoogi Fungis for a Virtue Stone (one time only)
(Franklin on Vespers West Bridge)
johnkent.jpg Lumber Trade
1000 Redwood boards for 800 Regular boards
(John Kent in Vesper)
thurog.jpg Pyrite for Lightwood
500 lightwood boards for 1(and only 1) Pyrite Strand
(Turgon Elensar The Old Lumberjack in Vesper)

Item Related

50x90-1.jpg The Botanist Trader
A Cypress Sapling for an Oblivion Cypress Tree
(Ebidiah The Botanist in Delucia)
50x90-1.jpg The Clumsy Alchemist
40 Dispelllrium Crystals for the "Scroll of Happiness"
(Ralen Apprentice Alchemist in Moonglow)
50x90-1.jpg Illusionist Heal, Flamestrike, and Resurrection Crystal Trader
6 Arcane gems for the Heal, 8 Arcane gems for the Flamestrike, and 12 Arcane gems for the Resurrection Crystals
(Gemini, Taurus, and Aries the Illusionists in Vesper)
50x90-1.jpg The Magical Pen
? (Used to be at Yew Abbey until Yew was respawned - any info anyone?)
50x90-1.jpg The Naturalist Rare Seeds Trader
Examine 4 Solen Egg nests in exchange for a rare plant seed
(Nils The Naturalist in Britain)
50x90-1.jpg Oblivion Token for empty dye tub Trader
One empty fair dye tub for an Oblivion Token
(Dye Tub Mack in the Travel Hub from Vesper)
patrick.jpg Upgraded Infusion Kit Trader
An old infusion kit for a shiny new one
(Patrick The Salesman at Vesper North edge of City)


A Shadowy Figure (Britain)

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