Fandancer Dojo

Fandancer Dojo is a famous dungeon in Tokuno Islands. You might need an extra hand when you enter the harder levels where yamadons and onis are introduced.

Tamers, Archers, Warriors and Mages all do well in this dungeon. You will need to employ various strategies though.

For the first few levels, you will encounted 3 main enemies. Ronins, Elite Ninjas and the Fandancers of course. Ronins poison and are macefighters. Elite ninjas are very quick and the hide when they are dying. So it's good if you have detect hidden or magery. The fandancers may look beautiful, but their fans are razor sharp. They hit hard, very hard.

Some passageways may spawn 1 or 2 enemies. The bigger rooms can spawn up to 10. So, you must be patient in your luring, especially when it's your first time there. If you are able to clear the whole dungeon, you probably would have earned a good pile of gold. It's a good place to hunt for gems and loot. I've gotten a few of my best armour pieces from fandancer dojo. Now that tokuno artifacts are enabled, I really think you guys should explore Fandancer Dojo.

Good luck and Happy hunting!

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